How To Delete Google Voice Number On Android

I woke up one morning and the first thought that came to mind was, where is my phone? It is not only me. I know you are doing the same thing every morning. The days of pen and paper have gone. However, read the article to learn To delete Google Voice Number On Android.

We manage every work in this small mobile phone. From office work to relaxation, what else the mobile can not do? And our life becomes a lot easier, because of the invention and contribution of software. Google.

Google Voice uninstal On Android

Google Voice uninstall On Android

Technology is working hard every day to provide us with the best service. By getting the service, we can make our lives easy and comfortable. One of the best inventions of science is the mobile phone. And Google has added a new dimension to the device. Because of the development of Google, now we can do anything with this handy device.

Google’s one of the best inventions is the Google Voice. Indeed, Google Voice has taken our lives a step ahead to a new technology-based future. Now, we can not survive a day without our mobile phones. And Google Voice has made communication super easy and convenient.

In Android, it gives an extraordinary function to connect with anyone in the world. The world becomes small. Consequently, people can connect from anywhere.

Google Voice operates by several built-in in every Android phone. But, the number sometimes comes in no use. Also, you may have wanted to charge your phone in case of purchasing a new one. So, the removal of the existing Google Voice number is necessary.

If you don’t need the Google Voice Number anymore, how can you remove it from your Android phone?

That’s why the article ” How to delete Google Voice Number on Android?” serves you just the perfect solution. And it provides detailed steps on how to do it. I hope that this will help you out.

What is Google Voice Number?

In 2009, when Google launched their new service. This service is for making communication more user-friendly. It is a Google Voice number!

What is Google Voice and how Delete Google Voice Number On Android

What is Google Voice

What does Google Voice do? And what is it? I know many questions are popping up in your mind. OK, let’s dive into the world of Google, and it is one of its constructive functions, Google Voice.

Google Voice is fundamentally a communication service.

It will provide a voice number to all your phone contacts.

The number theoretically serves as secondary beside your original mobile number.

And also, it can be forwarded to other devices by the people in your contacts.

They need to have Google Voice installed on their Android mobile.

Benefits of Google Voice:

Why does Google Voice serve a separate number? With the help of Google Voice, you can send texts to your friends living abroad.

You have the freedom to customize your voicemail. This voicemail is the amazing function of Google Voice.

Before, Google Voice needed an invitation code to set up the profile. But now, all the users possessing a Gmail account can use the service free of cost.

You can read the voicemail text messages with an end-to-end encryption function.

The program will help you to keep the privacy between you and the other person.

Besides, suppose you are in a hurry and can not type texts at the same time as the other person writing to you, Google Voice is offering an option as an auto-reply.

Some message transcriptions will be in the options bar; from which you can send according to need.

In case someone is bothering you through the Google Voice number, Google Voice allows a block option.

Use it to shut the annoying texts and voicemails from unwanted persons or businesses.

How to get Google Voice on your Android phone?

Finally, you must be thinking about how to get Google Voice on your Android phone.

  1. First, visit the Google Play Store built-in on your Android mobile and install it. As simple as that!
  2. Moreover, you can Delete Google Voice Number On Android from your device.
  3. If Google Voice no longer comes to use, you better delete it.
  4. You can install it anytime from the Google Play Store as well.

How to Delete Google Voice Number On Android Mobile?

By following the steps, you can delete the Google Voice number from your android phone.

Firstvisit the official Website of Google Voice. You can do this by typing Google Voice in the search section in the browser you use for internet surfing.

google voice official website link

Google voice official website link

Secondly To access the desired information, you need to sign in to your existing Google account. If you do not know what your Google account is, do not worry. It is an Email Address only you use on your Android phone for circulating Google Play Store or Gmail and other Google services. You need to enter the Google account associated email address and password.

Thirdly After that, you can see a horizontal pattern of three dots. They are known as Menu in your account. And fundamentally, the functions your Google Voice provides the Android phone. The Menu bar is on the top left of the appeared tab.

Fourthly If you click the Menu bar, a list of operations will come up. From them, you can see the Settings option. Just give a click on Settings and let the tab process.

Google voice setting option

Google voice setting option

Fifthly Then, in the setting bar, you can see many options. But you only search for the Voicemail option. The time you see it, click it. After clicking, a new bar will appear to the right of the Settings bar.


Then, you can see the Get Voicemail via email. That will be on, which means the voicemail option is running on your Android phone. Now you have to stop the function. You turn off the switch by clicking on it.

Get Voicemail via email

Get Voicemail via email

Seventhly After that, come back to your left Settings bar. You can find the Account option in the first position. Once you click on the option, a new tab will appear at the left. There you can find Your Google Voice number. And there are three options below. At the right below, you need to choose the Delete option.

google voice number on android

Google Voice number on Android

Eight Then a new tab will open, where you can see Your Google Voice Number. Just below, you can find the Delete option. Click it. A pop-up will appear that will ask if you want to delete the Google Voice number. After choosing the Proceed option, the removal of the Google Voice number is done! That it about Delete Google Voice Number On Android.

Wrap up:

The Delete Google Voice Number On Android is an easy task. You can also retrieve the number within 90 days after the deletion is complete. You can also see the texts and voicemails in your inbox. If any important message transcription is there, you can save it. Google Voice is an incredible service that enables people to connect anytime, anywhere.

FAQ: Delete Google Voice Number On Android

Q1: What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a telephone service that provides call forwarding, voicemail services, voice, and text messaging, as well as U.S. and international call termination services for Google Account customers.

Q2: Can I Delete Google Voice Number On Android device?

Yes, you can delete your Google Voice number from your Android device. The process involves accessing your Google Voice settings through the app or website.

Q3: What are the steps to delete my GVoice number on Android?

  1. Open the Google Voice app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the menu (three horizontal lines) and go to “Settings”.
  3. Under the “Account” section, find your Google Voice number.
  4. Tap on your number, then select “Delete” or “Release Number”.
  5. Follow the prompts to confirm the deletion.

Q4: Will Delete Google Voice Number On Android affect my regular phone number?

No, deleting your Google Voice number won’t affect your regular phone number. Google Voice is a separate service from your phone’s cellular service.

Q5: Is it possible to recover a remove the Google Voice number?

Once a Google Voice number is deleted, it is typically not recoverable. Google may hold the number for a short period, but there’s no guarantee it can be retrieved.

Q6: Are there any charges for Delete Google Voice Number On Android?

There are no charges for deleting a Google Voice number. However, if you decide to get a new Google Voice number later, there may be a fee.

Q7: What happens to my messages and call history when I remove my Google Voice number?

When you delete your Google Voice number, your messages and call history associated with that number will also be deleted.

Q8: Can I transfer my Google Voice number to someone else before deleting it?

No, Google Voice numbers cannot be transferred to other people. Each number is unique to the user’s account.

Q9: Will deleting my GVoice number also delete my Google account?

No, Delete Google Voice Number On Android will not delete your Google account. The deletion only affects the Google Voice service.

Q10: How long does it take for my Google Voice number to be removed?

The deletion process is generally immediate. Once you confirm the deletion, your Google Voice number will be released and no longer be associated with your account. That it on Delete Google Voice Number On Android.

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