How To Delete Google Voice Number In Easy Step

Google Voice was launched by Google ins, in 2009. A bulk Google Voice Number is essential for many business owners. Here we are exploring Delete Google Voice Number. But in many cases, you need to delete it or want to completely remove it. For example, you can not make any emergency calls like 911 or 999. In this case, it appears an invalid signal. Also, limitation to sending SMS to the USA and Canada only, on the other hand, you can receive text messages around the globe.

Another mentionable issue is to call screen affecting call forwarding. Also, there is no phone support for the clients. However, here I am going to describe to you How To Delete Google Voice Number.

Google Voice Number

G voice is a great product from Google. You can use it completely free. A Google Voice means you have a free phone number for calls, able to text messages. If you need to use it for your business you can buy Google Voice with Bitcoin

With Google Voice, you get a free phone number to call anyone like a normal mobile phone, text messaging, and voicemail. You can use the apps on smartphones and your computer’s device, and you can link this number to any mobile or landline number. Moreover, Through your Android smartphone or with your iPhone easily connect to your mobile and landing phone number. Next, go for the Delete Google Voice Number guide.

Delete Google Voice Number In Step By Step

1. Go to Google’s official website link voice.google.com.

Google Voice Number and how to delete google voice number

Google Voice Number

2. Choose “Settings” options —lock at the gear icon just in the top-right corner.

Settings options

Setting options

3. Look left of the number you want to delete, and click “Voicemail.”

click Voicemail

Click Voicemail

4. Toggle off the option to that you are seen in the screenshot “Get voicemail via email.”

How_to_delete_Google_Voice_ _1

5. Click “Account” on the left side of the screen select the phone number and select “Delete“.

select Delete

Select Delete

6. Click “Proceed” in the pop-up window to confirm your Google Voice account number. So, that is the process, and now your Google account and number are disabled.

Note: Remove all the Google Voice app related files and document from your mobile device. Also uninstal from your computer devic if you ever not to use this aps. On the other hand if you have intention to use this Google voice account in the near future than you should not remove any filles from you devices. Hope, you get idea about Delete Google Voice Number.

Before Delete Your G-Voice Number

I think now you want to delete Google Voice number. But remember this, Instead of deleting your G-Voice number, still it is transferable out of Google Voice.Notinctostat Delete Google Voice Number on theimagesdelete your Google voice number

What you can’t delete:

  • You can not delete your account on Sprint or if you paid to transfer it, you can’t delete it.
  • It is also mentionable that Delete Google Voice Number won’t delete the messages in your account inbox.

What happens to your number:

  • After deleting your Google Voice number, you have to change it to get it back in 90 days. At the top left, simply click the Menu "" and then Legacy Google Voice. On the left side, just click Get your old number back. Moreover, Add a linked number.
  • So if you already pass 90 days, then the number might be assigned to someone else.

Easy Way To Remove your Gvoice Number

how to delete google voice number and Remove your Gvoice

  1. On your computer, go to voice.google.com.
  2. At the top left, click Menu "" and then Settings.
  3. Now every linked number, turn off Google voicemail:
    1. On the left, click Voicemail.
    2. At this stage Next to the link number, uncheck the box next to Get voicemail via message.
  4. On the left, click Account.
  5. Under your Google Voice number, click Delete.
  6. Just look at the next Google Voice number, and click Delete.
  7. To confirm, click Proceed.

FAQ: How to Delete Google Voice Number

Q1: What is Google Voice and how does it work?

  • A: Google Voice is a telecommunications service by Google that provides call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging, as well as U.S. and international call termination. Users can select a U.S. phone number and link it to their existing phone number, using it for voice calls and messaging.

Q2: Why would someone want to remove their Google Voice number?

  • A: Reasons vary, including not needing the service anymore, wanting to switch to a different number, privacy concerns, or simplifying digital accounts.

Q3: How can I Delete my Google Voice Number?

  • A: To delete Google Voice number, log into your Google Voice account, go to ‘Settings’, and look for the option to delete or change your number under the ‘Phone Numbers’ section.

Q4: Will I be able to recover my Google Voice number after deletion?

  • A: Once a Google Voice number is deleted, it’s generally not recoverable. Google may hold the number for a short grace period, but there’s no guarantee it can be reclaimed.

Q5: Is there a fee for deleting my Google Voice number?

  • A: Deleting a Google Voice number is typically free of charge. However, if you plan to get a new number after deleting the old one, moreover, Google might charge a nominal fee for the new number.

Q6: Can I transfer my Google Voice number to another service before deleting it?

  • A: Yes, you can port your Google Voice number out to another carrier. In addition, Be aware that there might be a fee from Google for this service, and you should check with the new carrier about their port-in process.

Q7: How long does it take for the number to be completely less from my account?

  • A: The deletion process is usually immediate. Once you confirm the deletion, the number is removed from your account. However, it may take some time before the number is recycled and potentially reassigned to a new user.

Q8: Will Delete Google Voice Number affect my other Google services?

  • A: Deleting your Google Voice number should not impact your other Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, etc. However, if you’ve used your Google Voice number for recovery options or notifications, you’ll need to update those settings.

Q9: What happens to my messages and voicemail after I remove my GVoice number?

  • A: Once you delete your Google Voice number, you will lose access to your voicemails, texts, and call history associated with that number. It’s advisable to back up any important information before proceeding with the deletion.

Q10: Can I get a new Google Voice number after deleting my old one?

  • A: Yes, you can select a new Delete Google Voice Number after deleting your old one. In addition, Keep in mind there might be a fee for acquiring a new number, and availability depends on the numbers currently open for selection.
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