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Buy Google Voice Accounts From this link. Do you reside in the United States or some other selected markets in Europe and North America? You may want to acquire and make use of the Google Voice Account. This is a free service that enables anyone who possesses a Gmail address to make calls, send text messages, and store voicemails free-of-charge.

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This is a service you will find particularly handy if you are an owner of small business and hence lack the financial muscle to purchase a second line or maintain another line of active communication. We are here to guide you through in making a suitable purchase of one for yourself.


A. How can I create a Google Voice account?

Follow these steps to create your Google Voice Accounts: Websites to buy google voice accounts.

  • Create a personal Google account in case you do not have one for yourself already.
  • To do this, follow this address: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp
  • Fill in the blank spaces by furnishing your username, password, first and last names.
  • Read the terms of references and hit the ‘Agree’ button.

B. How do I get a free Google Voice number?

Having obtained your Google account, you now have to proceed to create your free Google Voice number. The procedures stipulated below will certainly help you to attain this sacred end:

1. Visit the portal https://voice.google.com/.

2. Sign in to your Google account using the credentials you will have already furnished

3. Read the terms of references that govern this kind of service

4. Accept these terms principally by hitting the ‘Agree’ button

5. Specify your area code or the city you are based in for your phone number. Kindly note that you may enter an area code that is not exactly where you are based if you want to maintain some anonymity. On the same note, Google does not allow for the 1-800 code.

6. Click ‘Select’ after you have obtained the number you now want.

7. Proceed by interconnecting your Google Voice number with your actual phone number. This is to enable you to route your calls seamlessly if and when they need to do so arises.

8. Complete Google confirmation and start talking thereafter.

C. How to get a Google Voice for iOS and Android

This service also works well in the Android and iOS operating systems. Thus, it is only befitting for us to examine how you may purchase and subsequently install this system on your smartphones. The steps below will certainly be of help to you:

iOS and Android

☑ Download the Google Voice app from the Google Play or Apple App Store

☛ Open the app and sign in using your Google account credentials (that we stipulated above).

☑ In case your phone and account are not yet linked, the app will direct you to sign in via the voice.google.com site on your desktop.

☛ Specify the exact area where you want your phone number to reflect. Please note that Google Voice does not accept the 1-800 prefix. Additionally, you may also choose a location other than your own if you cherish matters of your privacy.

☑ Confirm that the details above are correct and accurate.

☛ Conclude the exercise by connecting your phone to your Google Voice number. This is to enable Google to know exactly where you may be based in at any given time for the sake of routing the incoming calls easily.

☑ Dial the phone and start it out…


google voice FAQsWe now take a look at some of the questions that are frequently asked with regard to this particular topic. It is our belief that by providing answers to these questions, you shall get to appreciate this mode of communications betters:

Q1. Is Google Voice still available?

A. YES, it is still available!  Nonetheless, it is only available to those who are presently based in the United States and a number of selected markets across Europe and North America. There is hope that the service may be extended to other markets across the world.

Q2. Do you need a Google account to use Google Voice?

A. YES, you need it! As a matter of fact, you must first and foremost open a Google Account to be able to activate your Google Voice. The service is not available to those who have no such account at present, unfortunately. Thankfully, the account is free to open as long as you are based in the United States.

Q3. Can Google Voice receive texts?

A. YES! This service gives you the leeway to send and receive text messages. However, the text message may only be sent and received via the Google Voice app. It is not available on the desktop version of the same. Thankfully yet again the app is free to download and is available for all.

Q4. Is Google Voice free for education?

A. YES, it is! Though not originally meant for the matters of education, this resource may be used to foster education and communicate with the students. It might hence be suitable for those teachers who cannot access their children in-person owing to the present COVID-19 menace.

Q5. Can I use Google Voice Accounts for Business?

A. YES, you can! As a matter of fact, this resource is mainly meant for the small businesses that are too small and lack the financial muscle power to maintain many lines of communication at a time. To get the best of it, you have to choose a number that is as relevant to your business as possible.


Needless to say, the steps we have delineated above are too many and too complicated to undertake on your own. You no doubt have to delegate the same to a competent body that is well versed with the steps and the procedures that are naturally involved at such times.

How about starting it out with us? Visit our page https://wphostsell.com/ to start out. Our company is equipped with every expertise, service, and resource base you need to leverage this service. What’s more? We are always on standby and ready to receive your inquiries and act on the same soonest possible!

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