How to get Free SSL Certificate ? Know Everything

What is SSL certificate ?

ssl certificateSSL certificate is a digital certificate that contains small data fill bind cryptographic key. It’s created a secure link between website and a visitor’s browser. It is ensuring all the data passing is private and secure and (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL protect from hacking to stealing private information. SSL certificate prevents credit card information, data transfer and user login information. In this article I am also going to show you how to get Free SSL Certificate for my website.

After install, it activates the HTTPS protocol and padlock to secure the server connection with visitor browser. Typically, most of the social media site is using SSL and it is a norm. So if you are selling online products then you need to install a SSL certification for your website to enhance security and trusty.

The SSL system provides encryption and typically it is installed on the webpages to secure user personal information data. Moreover, it’s bring the webpage user trusty to use the website securely. For instant, on the browser Domains name one of the right extension example of https://

How SSL Certificate works?

  • A browser (client) typically connect to the server to display the website content or server files that secure with SSL. As a result, the browser/server requests that the web server identify itself.
  • Generally, the web server sends to the browser a copy of its SSL certificate. So, a visitor when visit a secure website an SSL certificate provide it identification information about the web server and act an encryption connection.
  • Server and browser encryption connection happens with a short time to verify the server information. However, the browser checks the SSL certificate weather it trusted or not, then send a message to the server point.
  • Now the web server resend a digitally signed acknowledgement to begin an SSL encrypted session so at this point Encrypted data valided between browser /server to the web server.
  • SSL/TLS is a cryptographic key exchanges between the browser and the online web server. Browser request the server all the connection will be encrypted also resend a message that is encrypted authentication.
How ssl certificate works

How ssl certificate works

Install Free SSL Certificate For Your Website

There are many companies providing SSL certificate. At this point, I will explain how to get a free SSL certificate for your website or blog. You can get the different way free SSL certificate for your personal website. So the free SSL certificate for your website generally is not a life time but they can provide a trail period 3 month or 6 months even 1 year as they like paying service.

Comodo SSL certificate service provider are providing 3 month free service. So you can check it to get an idea. Moreover in the list below you can find some web address who are providing a free SSL certificate services for your website. So you might have a look there.

  1. www.sslforfree.com
  2. letsencrypt.org
  3. zerossl.com
  4. ssl.comodo.com
  5. freessl.com
  6. instantssl.com

Easy way to install free ssl certificate Video

First, go to your WordPress website Dashboard→ go to plugins and click Add new → on the top right side plugin search bar write → Really Simple SSL than active it. Now you will see a green padlock see in the browser url section with https. WpHostsell provide a free ssl certificate so if you buy any type of hosting package then you will be eligible to get the it. Now some of the web hosting company is providing this service. Watch the video How to get Free SSL Certificate.

Step by step guide how to install ssl certificate read the article and follow the instruction to activate on your website. First, go to your WordPress → dashboard than click plugins add new plugins. On the search bar write → Really Simple SSL and install it than active and finally click go ahead ssl at the end check your browser website there have a green padlock. Watch The Video

Website security certificate

Sometime you will get security error from the internet browser and internet security is really quite complex. So when you want to login any website that it is important to stay safe your information. Your online service provide like a bank or any eCommerce store you could see a lock icon for example “https://” instead of just “http://”.

HTTPS icon indicates that those sites are secure by Transport Layer Security also it’s proven that the true owners by showing a security certificate. For example, It’s like a two factor authentication. That is increase trust.

SSL certificate providers

As per website trustworthy a number of website owner is using a security certificate. Most of the popular website use ssl certificate like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft etc. Bellow are the list who are provide ssl certificates.

Cheap SSL Shop: This company provide cheap ssl certificate $7 per years and have Comodo, GlobalSign, Thawte, GeoTrust with single or multiple domains. So, check it now.

SSL2BUY: As a cheapest service provider it is a popular service provider. Basically there price start with $9 as well as certificate authority type Comodo, Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust and RapidSSL etc.

Which SSL Certificate to Buy

If you have a dozen websites and have one parent domain ssl certificate than I recommend to buy an individual certificate for high security. However, there has different ssl certificate as per different security issue. So, you can select as per your website purpose as well as your requerments.

  • Comodo SSL:- It is highly trusted and affordable ssl certificate with some significant headway past few years. DV level successful positive ssl certificate that is trusted by many customers. You get $6.99 about 2 years coverage.
  • DigiCert:- The Digicert recently snapped up Symantec security and related Public Key Infrastructure solutions. You can start with price $175 yearly, though you can get better than from it.
  • Entrust Datacard:- This certificate has the ability to manage numerous certificates to enhance server client security. Moreover, entrust basically USA base since 1994 and provides guaranty.
  • GeoTrust:- It is another trusted certificate owned by VeriSign and after than Symantec. This cover mainly three areas SSL certificates, Signing and SSL enterprise services.
  • GlobalSign:- This one is mainly enterprise customer and basically who is searching SKI solutions. So anyone can start with the price at £129 ($249) for their website.
  • GoDaddy:- Most of the people are families with GoDdddy. That is a hosting provider company, but they also provide ssl certificate too. Moreover, It’s probably the cheep price service from them. There has single ssl domain service for multiple domain service at $59.99 per year and $279.99 per year.
  • Network Solutions:- Probably it is similar with godaddy and the price stated with $65 and $515 yearly. Generally take 5 days to active.
  • RapidSSL:- RapidSSL is owned by GeoTrust and it is a cost effective and business purpose.

Purchase ssl certificate

You can purchase ssl certificate from any company above the list. Before purchase ssl certificate you should little brain storming and then buy ssl certificates. Moreover, every website should have this security certificate. If you have not enough balance to buy it, then start with the free service.

Protecting your customer data, purchase ssl certificate from the trusted authority. So that this properly works privet key to protect clients’ data. It’s included proof of physical address with database listing.

Cheap ssl certificate

Buy cheap ssl certificate easy way for personal, business, eCommerce, one domain, and subdomains. With a $5.88 yearly you can get Comodo 1 domain with low assurance. On the other hand you can buy high paying SSL, but there have alternative service provider with cheep rate with similar quality.

Name-cheap on of the top hosting service provider company around the world. Basically it provide cheap ssl certificate as well as the package price are bellow. We recommended to cheap way to get ssl certificate.

If there a question what is the cheapest way to get ssl certificate? Than generally we should recommend ComodoSSLStore.com because they provide a Comodo Domain Validation certificate for just $6.50 for one year. Another one we should recommended for you Buy SSL Certificates Starting at $4.08 per year form gogetssl.com

SSL certificate price

Over the internet there have many SSL service provider agency and there different price packages. We are mentioning two price company to compare and get an idea how the price goes.

SSL certificate price

SSL certificate price

  • Cheap SSL certs – Starting at $4.08
  • Business ValidationStarting at $23.22
  • Extended ValidationStarting at $77.68
  • Wildcard SSLStarting at $45.67
  • UCC/SAN SSL CertificatesStarting at $20.85
  • Price: $8.88 per year
  • Issuance: Less than 15 minutes
  • Seal: Yes
  • Validation: Domain
  • Warranty: $10,000
  • Wildcard: No
  • Refund: 15 days

SSL checker

You can check your ssl certificate and over the internet, there have many online tools where you could cheek your website. This type of online tools will analysis and diagnose all the matter to solve the problems. You can also verify your ssl certificate weather your install ssl certificate working well or have erred.

We mention here some ssl tools. Simply go to there are simply put your host name (it should public) in the check box and click the check button. Simple way to check. And take action.

SSL checker

SSL checker

  1. sslshopper.com
  2. sslchecker.com
  3. digicert.com
  4. ssllabs.com
  5. geocerts.com

A List of Best SSL Certificate Providers

  1. The SSL Store™ – Cheapest SSL Certificate Providers at Globe
  2. Comodo SSL Store – The Largest Comodo SSL Provider
  3. RapidSSLonline – A Trusted RapidSSL Certificate Reseller
  4. Namecheap – A Cheap SSL Certificate Reseller
  5. GoDaddy – A World-Class Certificate Authority
  6. SSL.com – A Foremost SSL Certificate Authority
  7. Network Solutions – SSL Security Solution Provider
  8. GlobalSign – SSL & Digital Certificate Provider
  9. Trustico – Globally Trusted SSL Certificate Provider
  10. Secure128 – Website Security Solutions

Get Free SSL Certificate For My website

  • Maximum Level of Security for client data safety.
  • Encryption Certificate Validation Type
  • Issuance Time
  • Trust Site Seal
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Warranty Amount
  • Refund Policy
  • SSL Experts Support
  • Trial Period

Finally, we recommended to use ssl certificate every website to increase public trusty and website viability. It help to bring targeted customer. So to buy SSL certificate overall impact on your sell. In this competitive market this is a good idea. Easy way to install it. No need to do this high technical. At the end thanks.

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