What is a Domain name? Everything you need to know

What is a Domain name? Everything you need to know

What is a domain name?

In a basic explanation domain name is something address. For example, you want to visit anyone website you need an address like www.wpgroupbd.com and this is a domain name system in a short link with domain name server (DNS). Simply you should write an address in any browser to visit a website and this is domain. To get an idea, you can search a domain here Domains Search

Website address can not duplicated and only one website address should be existence over the internet. Their have no same website address/ domain in the internet sphere. Domain name is unique and specific address. It is an address where user can access your website.


If you have a mobile device and you want to call someone with the number that connect other device with an IP Address (Internet Protocol) . Computer use IP address which is a series of numbers. So it is really difficult to remember. As a result it is easy to use instead IP address to integrate website like192. 0. 32.7 – icann.com

A domain name can be combined with a letter and numbers. However it’s use a combination of various domain extensions such as .com . org. .net .us etc. You cannot use any domain name without registration.

What is a Part Of A Domain name?

There have two parts of a domain. For example icann.org, here org is generic Top Level Domain gTLD. For country code example.us, example.JP here US mean United State and JP mean Japan.

domain name eaxample

domain name example

As you see most of the general domain name have different parts. But we can divided in two major part. One is TLD and another is SLD.

  • TLD — Top Level Domain – it also mean domain extension. This part is your familiar .com, .net, .orgno matter for any domain extension that is not matter.
  • SLD — Second Level Domain – it is refer for registering a new domain name also unique domain ID

Why you need a Domain Name

  • A domain name is very important because if you not register your domain, someone else competitors of your business will secure it. World wide, introduces your business. Domain name will provide your brand name worldwide from one place.
  • Many people in the world booking their domain name so that they can implement their idea in the future with their niche. There will be no duplicate names so before someone start a website you need to choose and register domain name ASAP.
  • You can use your visiting card with your website domain name so that they can later check your service at any time. It is a way to expose your business marketing channel.
  • Honestly, a domain adds credibility to your small business. Your company looks like a very profession among the clients and consumers. For example, create a website free that is not bringing confidence among the client.
  • A domain builds your brand. It reinforce your business brand awareness and public popularity in easy way. Your clients remember your brand and return as per your service.

What is DNS?

It is an internet organization basically who is managing DNS domain name system. A directory of names for alternative numbers. The number and name match the protocol. Number are similar with IP addresses that is connected to contact each other computer network. Peer to peer connection. To better understand you can compare with a phone book.

When it was a very small community of internet network than that is easy to find any IP Address. But for a large network it is difficult to find out quickly any IP address. That’s why words are using to connect with multi sites. It is pretty easy to remember than any numeric numbers. Though you can go to any IP Address to visit any website using web browsers.

Free Domain Names

Many domain registrar provides free domain name and hosting service as their promotional offers. As a beginner, you can start with a free domain for your new website. It will help you to reduce costs for if you do not want to invest initially. We are providing the free domain offer of our clients. With an offer, you might check our website to get books for you. So, if you want something good or valuable than you should cost for it.

Here is a domain registrar company list who provide free domain name for the customer with hosting package. So, check the list below. Moreover if you are from Bangladesh then you can buy a domain easily from the bellow bellow links.

  1. WpHostsell
  2. Bluehost
  3. Dot.tk
  4. Weebly
  5. Biz.nf
domain registrar company

domain registrar company



IP address space allocation ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) a non profit organization manage to connect each other on the internet sphere. US government finance for advance research and grow the internet usability all over the world and combined it. ICANN have a board with nineteen directory member.

IDN Domain Names

IDN is writing in the foreign language like Chinese, Japanese or Russian. It is internationalize domain name and communicate all over the world through website URL’s.

Most domain names registered to this point square measure written exploitation the 26-character Latin/English alphabets and numbers, associate degree secret writing referred to as code. IDN permits for the employment of non code characters in domain names. once associate degree IDN is registered, the foreign characters square measure encoded in Punycode employing a range of algorithms. Punycode is just associate degree code version for the IDN, permitting it to resolve with the present net system.

WHOIS Of A Domain name

Whois is widely used internet record listing where anyone can get contact information and who is own this domain. The internet corporation owns the domain name regulated and ownership. It is developed for record domain name ownership and extremely useful for the domain registration to listed as a domain owner.

What is a Subdomain?

As a part of domain name perhaps in your mind have a question, what is sub domain? The answer is ‘a subset of a larger domain name’. But it is not at all to understand whole thing. does it?

sub domain

sub domain

To look like same with normal domain. But the main different thing is it’s extra word (blog) on the URL left site that you are seeing SLD (in our example, blog).  Mainly this is the sub domain. So in a sentence a sub domain is a short or part of a main domain and a child domain of a larger parent domain.

Additionally, you can add SSL secure server layout. It will increase your website trustworthy and security overall. So, you can read article how to get free SSL certificate for your blog website.

Finally, Domain is really essential to start any small business to promote your business over the internet. So, if you are trying to register a new domain for your service, then don’t lose the time. So, just buy a domain as per your business keyword that can make a vital role for the organize and direct via store. Go through the link everything you need to know about domain registration.

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