How to buy domain name from Khulna Bangladesh?

It is the first step to register a domain name to build a website. A website can be for business purposes, organization, school or college, news portal, or any purpose. So a new business owner or manager doesn’t know how to buy a domain to start a website? Where do they get website design services? Or how to domain name from Khulna or how to get a web hosting service in Khulna. Here I am talking to targets from Khulna, Bangladesh who are interested in buying a domain name from this area.

Before a domain registration, you can read how to choose a domain name for your business on the company.

Step-By-Step Guide To Buy A Domain Name From Khulna

Perhaps you are a web developer or a business owner, and you want to buy a domain for your local area. There are several domain agencies for domain names from Khulna. If you are a business owner or shop owner then simply ask to help your nearest web developer or web expert. A lot of freelancers are working on the outsourcing platform. They can assist you or call to WpHostSell phone number.

Still, if you intend to buy your domain then follow the steps below.

Guide For Register a New Domain Name

  • Go to this page and search for your desired domain name
  • Put word or phrase as you expect your domain name (for example yourkhulna.com, khulnawebnews.com, etc)
  • If your domain name is available, and you like this domain then simply click the select button

search domain name

Now it redirects to a new page and click Add To Cart and Checkout. You can also choose to host the package here.

In this area, you can see default Name-servers. However, click continue.

In this section, you see the order summary and details so now click checkout to payment.

domain registration checkout

Fill up all the Personal Information and in the below section you can select pay with email or BTC payment

Select the Email option if you have no Bitcoin payment or want to pay bKash directly Face to Face or in our office.

domain registration payment

Note: If you are still confused then simply call us, and we will do all for you and set up your domain for your website on your account. Also, you can watch a video on how to buy a domain name from Khulna here

Approximate cost to buy domain from Khulna Bangladesh

A Different domain register company has a different domain price. If you buy from WpHostSell then the domain price is $9.99 and BDT 850. In most cases, we offer a free hosting service. Or if you buy hosting packages then we provide free domain name registration.

They have a hosting package too. If you want to buy a hosting package from us, we can offer cheap web hosting services. For web developers, we provide free hosting service for 1 year. Every web designer is eligible to get a hosting package free from WpHostSell from Khulna Bangladesh.

Top Domain And Hosting Company In Khulna

To get domain and hosting services buyers do not need any location restriction. It can be bought from any part of the country even worldwide. However, this type of service from the local area has some extra facilities. For instance, you can discuss your whole service, how to buy domain and hosting, technical support and physically meet at their office. So to grab all the advantages here is a list of top domain and hosting companies in Khulna.

1. WpHostSell

When it comes to a question to our mind, what is the best web hosting and domain registers company in Khulna? Hopefully, WpHostSell is the first position for its domain and hosting and support service. To buy a domain name from Khulna this is an ideal company. register domain name from Khulna Bangladesh. We are supporting 24/7 for our customers.

Several people are using their service all over the country even worldwide. One of the special offers is to get a full news portal website with domain name and hosting (website + domain + hosting) for only 1000 Taka.

2. Khulnahost

Another domain and hosting service provider in Khulna. But this web hosting company’s product services are pretty high if you compare them with other similar service providers. You can check their service from their official website. Domain name is also pretty high. So, Khulna host also provides service on a domain name from Khulna.

3. Realitsolution

In the Khulna Khalishpur office, they are providing good service on it. Buy a domain name, share hosting, and other web hosting services from this local website hosting and domain registration company. This web hosting company gives you 20 20-day money-back guarantee.

Domain Hosting Buy Payment Option

It is sometimes hales to register domain and hosting from Bangladesh for unavailable payment options. There is no multi-payment option to buy hosting and domain packages. In this circumstance local payment option is flexible to the buyer. Now many website design companies, domain, and hosting companies are available with payment options.

Payment Option Bangladesh

We have received payment from customers through bkash, BTC, Skrill, bank, and hand cash. So, you can simply call us and confirm your domain, hosting, or any IT-related service. After confirming your service you can pay through above mention option. Register a domain name from Khulna Bangladesh. So, it is not difficult to register a domain name from Khulna BD.

Support Team

To set up domain and hosting for a website is an essential matter. In this matter, we are dedicated to our customers. We have read your website and run it on the server. Moreover, we assist you in registering your domain, setting up DNS, WordPress installation custom themes settings, etc. Our dedicated WordPress domain and hosting help team does all for you and your company.

Call our contact number to start your new website. Our team works until your website is ready for the customers. So you don’t need to be a developer to set up your website. You only need to buy a domain name from Khulna.


All the local web hosting service providers and domain registration service providers are trying to give the best service for the clients. Make a call before buying any service from them. We also suggest checking all the offers and understanding what is more right for you than conforming to your orders. If you are a Khulna local business owner or local client and want to buy a domain name then contact us. So, We will assist you in getting a domain name from Khulna.

FAQ Buy Domain Name From Khulna

  1. Introduction to WpHostsell: WpHostsell, established in 2014, is a leading provider of domain service and web hosting services in Khulna, Bangladesh. Their services include web hosting, domain names, Cpanel Reseller, Plesk Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. As well as the domain name from Khulna BD.
  2. Additional Services: In addition to domain and hosting services, WpHostsell offers website design, software and scripts, WordPress templates, DNS, subdomain, and Domain Email services.
  3. Guide to Domain Registration: WpHostsell provides a guide on how to register a domain from Khulna, Bangladesh. This guide likely includes steps for choosing and registering a domain name suitable for your business or personal use.
  4. Payment Options: It’s possible to buy Cpanel web hosting from Khulna using Bitcoin, indicating a range of payment options for convenience.
  5. Key Features of WpHostsell’s Services:
    • Support: They offer live chat, phone, and email ticket support. Clients can also visit their office in Khulna for personalized assistance.
    • Uptime: Their servers provide 99.9% uptime, which is crucial for SEO ranking.
    • Security: Emphasis on website security to prevent hacking and other online threats.
    • Speed: In the end, Usage of SSD technology storage for faster website speeds, important for maintaining SEO rankings.
    • Money-Back Guarantee: So, Assurance of customer satisfaction with a money-back guarantee policy.

Finally. We are ready to support and assist you in buying a domain name from Khulna Bangladesh. From Khulna Batiaghata, Paikgasha. Dacop, Terokhada, Koira, Dumuria, Rupsa, and Sador is providing service on domain name from Khulna.

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