Domain registration with bitcoin in Bangladesh

The domain is the first step to build a professional website. For personal service or public service website is an easy way to reached people in the worldwide. Now any reputable business owner have a website to provide the best service among the customer. So, a website makes a proud business owner and give a value for consumer. So for the right domain name is needed for the right business niche. Where multiple payment is not available they can take the Bitcoin payment opportunity. For instant, still PayPal is not support in Bangladesh. That’s why you need your Domain registration with bitcoin or any easy payment option. Watch a YouTube video about how to Domain registration with bitcoin video.

In Bangladesh many business owners getting problem to buy a domain name for payment method. As a result most of the domain registration company and web hosting company have not much more payment method. Bitcoin give the opportunity to buy a domain name individually and securely worldwide. Moreover, anyone can buy a domain from his/ her own home independently with BTC.

So, it is going too much popular to buy domain hosting and other services through (BTC) Bitcoin payment. So, I mention how to buy Domain registration with bitcoin in Bangladesh. In a short, you can register your domain with Bitcoin easily after reading this article. Here you can check Top 12 Domain Registrar Accept Bitcoin Payment.

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer to peer decentralized currency that enables instant payments to anyone located anywhere in the world. So you can choose your payment option with the BTC. It has no central authority, so managing transactions and issuing money that carried out collectively by the P2P network. For more information on Bitcoin, you can visit their official website Bitcoin.org.

Now Bitcoin is popular cryptocurrency all over the world and day by day, it’s going to crazy as a payment method for its privacy featured among the individual to merchant transaction.

Many people are trading online BTC/ USD and get profit. Moreover, some of them only do online shopping with Bitcoin. As it’s not restricted by any central authorization, so it is pretty easy to use as a payment option in any part of the world.

Buy domain with bitcoin

Anyone can buy domain with Bitcoin. If you have blockchain, Coinbase, Spectrocoin or any Bitcoin account, than you can easily registration a domain name for your company or business service. Additionally, registration an account to WpHostsell in Bangladesh and order easily a domain name. When it will bring payment page just pay with a BTC amount from you any Bitcoin account.

After paying your amount with BTC you will get a conformation. There for any technical issue, you can make a call directly to get a guideline or discuss any matter to pay with BTC. You will get instant support from the WpHostsell Team. To know the details Bangle language is really essential as a Bangladeshi so talk with the team with Bangle language as you want to know.

Buy domain name with bitcoin in Bangladesh

Buy domain with bitcoin

Buy domain with bitcoin

Only few web hosting company in Bangladesh is accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Some of them are WpHostsell, Eicra and some other domain registration company. To purses domain name with Bitcoin you need BTC in your account and have a BTC account.

You can buy domain from anywhere in the country in Bangladesh. Thus, a number of people have a Bitcoin account in Bangladesh but don’t know how to buy a domain with that. So we are solved this problem as a payment method with Bitcoin.

WpHostsell domain and hosting company give you opportunity to register your domain with BTC, buy your hosting packages even pay your website design cost through Bitcoin.

In our country this is the first time service we are providing for the clients to pay easily. For any quarry you can call to our team member +8801915111799 

Instantly your account will be active and lunch your service as soon as possible.

Buy Hosting With Bitcoin In Bangladesh

Not only domain registration with your Bitcoin account, but also you can buy the hosting packages. Additionally, Domain and hosting, dedicated server, SSL certificate and other product are buying opportunity with the Bitcoin payment. Also, no need extra fees for this payment option you can easily buy as you buy domain with other payment methods.

To lunch your website hosting is one of the essential element when you need to buy from a hosting company. So to pay for it some time it makes you hassle as a payment method option. In any part of the world you can pay for it easily. Moreover, domain registration with bitcoin in Bangladesh make easy for the buyer and many freelancer and web developers.

Buy domain using bitcoin in Bangladesh law against

bitcoin Bangladesh law

bitcoin Bangladesh law

Buy domain using bitcoin in Bangladesh law against as per Bangladesh Bank. Already with a circular Bangladesh bank banned all types of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin using in our country. This article may help you to understand all about Bitcoin Bangladesh.

Any type of transaction will cause the violation of existing money laundering and terrorist financing regulations. Though this law is not properly implemented, but government agency is very active to force the law and strictly monitoring who are doing this.

So we are not recommended or encourage using Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency to buy any online products. So, we only appreciate as a freelancing and outsourcing purpose in Bangladesh as a dream of digital Bangladesh.

Only used to buy an ethical purpose not for illegal purpose. Recently, one of the Bangladeshi newsagent write about this Bitcoin in Bangladesh polity. Link

Domain Registration With Bitcoin In Bangladesh

Not only Bangladesh you can buy your domain from other country. To deposit your BTC in your account  you can convert any currency to your BTC wallet easily. Now most of the hosting and domain seller are accepting Bitcoin worldwide.

Most of the web developers who have no prepaid card or master cad they need a third payment option. So, in this case Domain registration with bitcoin is really easy for them.

Where And How To Get Bitcoin In Bangladesh?

At the end of the article this is a relevant question. Where are how to get Bitcoin to buy domain and hosting packages? Personally I like to buy Bitcoin with my Skrill account for emergency case. Moreover, you can contact with local freelancer who are getting BTC from their foreign clients.

So if you want to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh you might read the article how to buy Bitcoin with Skrill? Moreover, you can read how to buy Bitcoin with debit card? After buy Bitcoin than use it for domain registration.

Domain registration with bitcoin videos

We have made a video to watch and follow to register your domain. This video will help you to buy a domain name from the domain registration company. Moreover, it is a very simple way to book your domain name. Our domain registration with Bitcoin video mention step-by-step guide how to book your domain with BTC payment.


We are a trusted domain and hosting service provider in Bangladesh. So, if you need any help you may contact. We will try our best to give you the best solution. Our team is dedicated to it. So thanks in advance.

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kindly provide vendor who acceptbitcoin, web-money, perfect-money,
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kindly reply ASAP to buy Bangladesh domain (.bd)
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