10 Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Making money is not difficult nowadays. If you have an idea of selling products or presenting your thoughts and knowledge, the online platform is the right one for you. You can easily open a blog and do all your favorite stuff. But, in the case of web hosting, WordPress has become a popular name among bloggers. So, here are the top Crypto WordPress Plugins

The platform is one of the easiest for beginners. The different types of plugins attached to the WordPress theme will make your blogging journey smoother and more convenient. The present world is developing so fast that everything has an alternative.

Crypto has become an alternative for the easy transaction of money from all over the world. Amazingly, this option is also available in your WordPress theme as a plugin.

The article presents information about cryptocurrency and the ten best Crypto WordPress plugins that will make your Crypto website more user-friendly.

What is cryptocurrency?

The time of money exchange from person to person has been done. Now, we live in a digital world. So, a digital currency is here to buy goods and all the necessary kinds of stuff for our lives.

The currencies come in the form of tokens. Some companies make them and fix a price for the currencies. With this token, anyone can buy stuff just like with money. But these tokens are more secure to exchange and pried very high. This token is called cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are popular in online transactions because of their high-security system. You can ask ‘Why do people use cryptocurrency?’ or ‘What is the benefit of cryptocurrency?’.

The prime purpose of trading these unregulated currencies is to gain profit. Sometimes, the production companies raise the price skyward. Then buying and selling, people get profited. Cryptocurrencies are also secure for online transactions.

So, for earning from your blog, WordPress is here to send you money at your doorstep. Check out the best ten cryptocurrency plugins on your website.

Ten Best Crypto WordPress Plugins

  1. CryptoWP :

CrytoWP is called the Real-time Cryptocurrency Market Prices on WordPress (PRO). The plugin is known as one of the best-looking Bitcoin and Crypto WordPress plugins. CryptoWP has the function of showing a wide range of cryptocurrency market prices.

CryptoWP WordPress Plugin

CryptoWP WordPress Plugin

The buyer of the seller from the website can convert all his coins into different and preferable currencies, such as USD ($), GBP (£), EUR (€), AUD (A$), TRY, JPY (¥), CAD (C$), INR, ZAR, IDR, KRW.

Main features of CcryptoWP-

  • Its system has three themes,
  • The plugin supports custom CSS,
  • Gives real-time notifications and conversions between the buyer and seller,
  • Also has time-to-time cryptocurrency updates,
  • Showcases historical value charts
  • The blogger can customize the settings accordingly,
  • Providing line charts, table views, and other facilities to buy and sell.
  1. Crypto Charts for WordPress:

Another useful option for cryptocurrency transactions is the Cryptocurrency Charts for WordPress plugin. It can show Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency both. The plugin possesses more than 2,000 different cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Charts for WordPress

Cryptocurrency Charts for WordPress

So, no currency can be found within the chart. How far your buyer is, Cryptocurrency Charts for WordPress can convert your money to your country’s currency. The chart types include line, column, step, candlestick, and smooth line.

Features available in Crypto WordPress Plugins are-

  • Blogger can customize the whole system,
  • The plugin displays trading volume,
  • Comparison among historical performances is operated,
  • In every fifteen minutes interval, the plugin displays intraday data,
  • Per page has unlimited charts,
  • Translation of each page is also available.
  1. All Currencies for WooCommerce:

The plugin can transact with 28 cryptocurrencies. Also, been translated into more than 100 languages. Over the past few years, Bitcoin has become a common topic around the world. Bitcoin somehow replaces money transactions from the physical world with virtual life. To accomplish the task on the website, All Currencies for WooCommerce are here.

All Currencies for WooCommerce

All Currencies for WooCommerce

The plugin accepts Bitcoin payments and makes the transaction more comfortable than other mediums. Just in 5 minutes, you are ready to bring cryptocurrency into your wallet. All Currencies for WooCommerce support exchange rates from-

  • CoinDesk
  • Bitfinex
  • Google Finance
  • Bitstamp

Features include in All Currencies for WooCommerce plugin-

  • Restrictions are dynamic,
  • Shows notification for automatic payment,
  • Converts user country currency to Bitcoin and vice versa,
  • A Wide range of translations is available,
  1. Premium Crypto Widgets for WordPress:

This plugin can easily add Bitcoin and cryptocurrency widgets to a website. It can support more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies when a page refreshes and major cryptocurrencies update in real time.

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets for WordPress

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets for WordPress

It can also add live cryptocurrency quotes to your WordPress website. The Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets for WordPress plugin provides multiple color themes and logos for every Crypto WordPress Plugins.

The widget types Crypto WordPress Plugins are-

  • Inline
  • comparison
  • table
  • box
  • leaderboard
  • scrolling ticker
  • spark charts
  1. FAT Coincap Crypto plugins:

You can add more than 1,300 cryptocurrency information with the FAT Coincap – Crypto WordPress Plugin to your WordPress website. Adding cryptocurrency charts, tables, tickers, or leaderboards made the plugin easy to use for bloggers and users.

FAT Coincap Crypto plugins

FAT Coincap Crypto plugins

Post or widget can be added by copying and pasting the shortcode. Display functions such as Box, chart, comparison, ticker, table, or leaderboard can make the transaction super easy. No coding knowledge is needed to customize the system.

Feature includes FAT Coincap WordPress Plugin-

  • Can view and compare history up to 30 days,
  • The real-time update is available,
  • Also, results can be filtered.
  1. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget PRO:

This also uses short code for live cryptocurrency price ticker.  The website with the plugin can show the top 100+ crypto coins in their current Price, Market Cap, volume, and rate of changes from hours to weeks.

Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

Features include-

  • Can show live price changes
  • Can add an exciting crypto coin ticker to your website.
  1. Crypto WordPress Plugins Prices:

To display altcoin prices and cryptocurrency using a short code, add the Cryptocurrency Prices plugin to your website. It supports more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies. Also, it supports more than 30 exchange currencies. Mobile support is also available with Crypto WordPress Plugins.

Cryptocurrency Prices for WordPress

Cryptocurrency Prices for WordPress

Cryptocurrency Prices plugin’s features are-

  • Unlimited display with customization function,
  • Icons are included,
  • API keys are not needed anymore.
  1. Bitcoin, Crypto WordPress Plugins Widget:

This is a chart that may be used for another shortcode. You can use this for your traditional cryptocurrency widget. This is full of useful widgets. The includes over 24 widgets.

Bitcoin, Crypto Currency or Widget Short code

Bitcoin, Crypto Currency, or Widget Shortcode

Features include Bitcoin, Crypto, Crypto Currency, Widget Shortcode Collection for WordPress plugin- You can easily find your desired wizard among them,

  • Having more than 24 different widgets,
  • Very easy to view and get shortcodes,
  • Customize layouts with CSS and other styles.
  1. Cryptocurrency Mining Calculator Widgets-

Cryptocurrency Mining Calculator

Cryptocurrency Mining Calculator

Features include here-
  • Amazingly accurate, as it includes estimated ROI, maintenance fees, and more.
  • Unlimited color themes for this Crypto WordPress Plugins.
  1. CryptoIcons – Ultimate Crypto Icons Kit:

  • Stunning features of the plugin-
  • Can easily add 281 high-quality different cryptocurrency icons,
  • Easy to resize, change color, and use,
  • Possesses vector icons for pixel-perfection,


End of the topics Crypto WordPress Plugins is very important for website owners who are using Crypto nich blog. Cryptocurrency is a new-generation invention. And in the case of operating a website, you have to keep yourself up to date. So add the best plugin to your WordPress website to make transactions online and safe. Don’t lag because of little knowledge of technology advancement. So. in Crypto WordPress Plugins you can integrate easily into your website for extra advantage.

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