10 Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Now it is clear that Cryptocurrency is the most popular digital currency around in the world. If you check back last few years than you see Bitcoin and Crypto market capital growth huge. Over the Internet numerous companies and merchants are accepting bitcoin to grow customer engagements. In this article you will know what are the best cryptocurrency WordPress plugins

There’s no doubt that it has been a great investment, as the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptos. If you put $100 in BTC way back in 2010, amazingly it would be worth more than $75 million today.

A lot of iGaming companies and casinos are accepting Bitcoin as well as other Crypto coin to their front desk.

Not only iGaming but also multi restaurant, gift shop, march cent shop, digital products shop etc accept payment on Bitcoin.

So, if you are a newbie on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and want to integrate Bitcoin to your WordPress website than follow a few step to take it.

Bitcoin market are highly volatile so choose the real time price rate Cryptocurrency WordPress plugin to your website. Right Bitcoin WordPress accepting plugin help you to show chart, collect payments and so on. So, here are the top best WordPress cryptocurrency plugins are recommanded.

1. Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

One of the top seller WordPress plugin is Cryptocurrency widget pro. Where you can see crypto coins current prices chart, price ticker, changes, market cap chart, volume, coin charts & real-time updates on BTC, XRP, LTC, ETH, dash, Tron & 2100+ more coins. It also makes easy widget with easy short codes.

Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

It helps your website up-to-date with the most Crypto featured. Automatically, your visitor and user see the live price update. You also see market cap, 24 hours volumes and Multi Style Crypto Price Tickers.

Features of Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

  • It gives you the opportunity to create a price label / price card of any crypto coin.
  • Show crypto price charts anywhere using short code.
  • Setup price tricker inside header, footer or any section of the website.
  • Display all crypto coins price table or list with hourly changes using short code.
  • Build nice layout using unique styles and custom CSS option.
  • Show Crypto price, volume, market cap, 24hour % price changes.
  • Show crypto market real time price updates.
  • 100+ top crypto coins price and market updates.

2. Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets

This is the premium Cryptocurrency widget pack to give you multi opportunity. With massive cryptocurrency widget you can easily style crypto widget anywhere inside your WordPress pages and post.

Massive best cryptocurrency WordPress plugins

Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets

In this Crypto WordPress plugins add tickets, tables, chart, list, card, labels, box, text, convertor, crypto news, changelly, multi currency options. Also scroll smoothly to see real-time price chart.

Features of Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets

  • Get Bitcoin price, bitcoin widget and many featured.
  • Coinmarketcap and crypto compare, crypto market, chart available.
  • Digital currency as well as cryptocurrency widget show .
  • As many as Crypto coins like Ethereum, Ethereum price, Litecoin charts.

3. Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro

Every Cryptocurrency WP plugins have it own featured and facilities. This crypto exchange listing plugin have more than 200+ Crypto exchange listing using market API data provided by coinexchangeprice.com public API. In this tool you can see trading volume, Alexa rank, market pairs and so on.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro

Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro

These plugins show you 1500+ crypto coin data. Here you get chart, pricing data, and have every single pages with multi information. As usual market price chart, compare, historical pricing data etc. Also, you get a crypto coin calculator.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro

  • Best Exchanges List :- More than 200+ digital coin list where you get 24h volume table data.
  • Market Pairs / Coins :-All the top market trading pairs supported.
  • Auto-generated Pages :- Plugin put auto generated exchange content pages in your WordPress website.
  • SEO Friendly Plugin :- Yoast SEO friendly, that contain title, meta description and og:tags.
  • Smart Short codes :-Very simple way to put short code at any pages to specify dynamic content.

4. Cryptoniq best cryptocurrency WordPress plugins

Who provide services, selling products and want to collect fund from user they might choose this WordPress payment plugins. No third party involve. Admin can get payment direct in your wallet. Blockchain and popular wallet are usable for this tool.

Cryptoniq Cryptocurrency Payment Plugin

Cryptoniq Cryptocurrency Payment Plugin

To collect Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogy coin, Tron coin this WordPress plugin is reliable. This decentralizes payment system have no withdraw fees.

Features of Cryptoniq Payment Plugin

  • Direct Payment.
  • No 3rd Party Service.
  • No Withdrawal Fees.
  • Powerful admin panel include.

5. WordPress ICO Database Plugin

Website get more engagement with this Crypto ICO List Widgets Pro. A big amount of  WordPress ICO Database include this popular plugin. 3000+ ICO listing are available in these plugins. You can import to your website. Active ico, upcoming ico, past ico data are included here.

WordPress ICO Database Plugin

WordPress ICO Database Plugin

The plugin give you ico company Twitter account feeds update. Also, able to add custom ICO on your webpage. With API collect real time data chart. Plugins short codes and multilanguage give you more flexibility.

Features of WordPress ICO Database Plugin

  • ICO list category like, upcoming, active and past ico.
  • 3200+ ico informational pages included.
  • Token ico financial information pages included.
  • Add manual ico pages.

6. CryptoWoo WordPress Plugin

CryptoWoo is another Cryptocurrency payment plugins for WooCommerce friendly. With this Cryptocurrency WordPress plugins you can get paid BTC, ETH/ERC20, BCH, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, Vertcoin payments in WooCommerce. When the payment process than your customer do not get redirect other 3rd parties page.

CryptoWoo best cryptocurrency WordPress plugins

CryptoWoo WordPress Plugin

The real time exchange rate and no exchange fees give this plugin top-rated. This WP plugin support hdwallet, multi wallet support, block.io support as well as no full node require for his. Also, very easy to set up.

Features of CryptoWoo WordPress Plugin

  • Payment processing time to your customer will be on your website.
  • Yearly licence no operational charge.
  • Very first payment processing 0 conformation option.
  • Refund addresses, price discounts & real-time markups, custom order timeout options.

7. CryptoWP best cryptocurrency WordPress plugins

CryptoWP is another useful popular Cryptocurrency price chart and read time price change WP extension. This plugin support almost 20 fiat currency as well as 1300 crypto coins. With the API integration you show live price, historical data different notifications etc.

CryptoWP WordPress Plugin

CryptoWP WordPress Plugin

Most of the user or visitors can see many chart and facilities and spend more time on the webpage. It increases website SEO rank. They regularly updated with new functionalities.

Features of CryptoWP WordPress Plugin

  • It gives you a fresh dashboard where you can customize coins data.
  • Import coin from 1300 coins with one click.
  • With short code show coin data in any page.
  • Developer friendly and there have no watermark.

8. Mollie Payments WordPress Plugin

Mobile payment WordPress plugin is another useful tools that accept BTC payments. For example, PayPal, visa, David card master card as well as Bitcoin. This will work on WooCommerce. So, you do not need to instal several plugins. WooCommerce compatible plugin’s admin can sell digital and physical products.

Mollie Payments WordPress Plugin

Mollie Payments WordPress Plugin

Another ideal thing admin can get recurring payments for subscriptions. The great things i you do not need to spend a single coin. That is completely free, even no monthly or gateway fees to process it.

Features of Mollie Payments WordPress Plugin

  • It supports most of the mobile related payments.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce that include many payment options.
  • Fair pricing for example No startup, no monthly, no gateway as well as No hidden fees.
  • Have option to partial payment refunds.

9. Bitcoin Faucet WordPress Plugin

Bitcoin Faucet is a WordPress plugin where user and visitor can earn money. The Visitor will be rewarded by doing very small tasks or simply visits. Basically, this help a website more user engagement. Also, it helps to spend long time over the website.

Bitcoin Faucet best cryptocurrency WordPress plugins

Bitcoin Faucet WordPress Plugin

This simple and easy task help to earn a little amount of BTC to the users. The plugins also have other featured like Ad-block detection, customizable admin interface, and it supports nearly all Micropayments systems.

Features of Bitcoin Faucet WordPress Plugin

  • It helps to a website more engagement friendly.
  • User rearward system to boost website time spend.
  • A micropayment system.
  • Customizable and user-friendly.

10. Cryptocurrency Mining Calculator Widgets

A number of Crypto users are making money with Cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoin is one of them. So, Cryptocurrency mining calculator help you to calculate earning amount. Visitor of your website are able to calculate mining ROI. Also, calculate maintenance fees of mining multi coin.

Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

These plugins support more than 16 coins like Bitcoin Ethereum Dash Litecoin and so on. Price of this particular WordPress plugins is $21. Though there have premium plugins.

Features of Cryptocurrency Mining Calculator Widgets

  • Customizable and user-friendly widgets.
  • Visitor can easily calculate mining ROI
  • Multi currency support
  • Real time coin data include.


Finally, I think this article will help you to choose the right WordPress plugins. Instal a plugins as per your website blog, business or shop. Customize any plugins to get the most advantage from the plugins.

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