How To Create Bangla News portal Websites?

There are much news portal website lunch in Bangladesh. Many of them are government register and some of them still not register. Many people and organization want to build a new portal website in Bangla. Around the corner of Bangladesh people want to create a news portal website for media service, earning purpose and passion for writing. In this article I am going to cover all the component about how to start a Bangla news portal website easily and cost effectively.

How To Start News portal Websites?

Basically three things you need to start online Bangle news portal service.

1. Choose a domain name and registration it.

2. Buy reliable web hosting for your online Bangle news portal.

3. News portal website design and development.

bangla news portal website

bangla news portal website

Register a domain name for Bangla news portal

First step to build a Bangla news you need a domain name and web hosting. Select a domain name that focus your brand. A good brand as your company select a short, meaningful domain. Go to Google keyword planer to choose a popular search volume news portal domain. You can Search Domain Name To Check Available or not.

High search volume keyword help you to get high volume visitors. You can search domain with SEO friendly keyword. You buy domain in Bangladesh for Bangle news portal from WpHostsell. Anyone can buy domain and hosting with your bkash, rocket or Bitcoin wallet.

Buy web hosting for online Bangla news website

You can buy cheep web hosting from your Bangla news portal from us. We provide $11.88 yearly charge with free domain. That is really amazing anyone should not miss this opportunity.

However, you might check our web hosting packages for online news portal company. If you want to get instant support than we are appreciated to do that. Simply call to our web hosting manager he or she assists you immediately.

Online news website design and development

Choose a premium news portal website on WordPress. We can install it on your server. Our team assist you from the beginning. Assist you start tot end. No setup fees require every thing we do for you.

For new look or custom design we have reasonable price for you. If you are not interested than we will provide free news portal WordPress to set up. Our developer work for you with if you are our web hosting clients.

Online News website registration in Bangladesh

“The Home Ministry has scrutinized the documents of several hundred online news portals. The government will give registration to online news portals from next week after examining the related papers,” he told a press briefing at his secretariat office on Monday, reports BSS.

The minister said a total of 3,595 news portals have applied for the registration.

In 2019 government fully started providing electronic media license. Step by step they investigate applied online news portal and provide license. Here is a guideline about How to get online newspaper license in Bangladesh?

Bangla News Website Cost

So now in mind a question what is the cost to create an online news portal? Honestly it is not so high that you are thinking. Simply follow the step to reduce your online news portal cost-effective.

A total potential estimated cost mention here. Remember with your requirement this budges can be varied. This budget will be applied if you work with us. We will complete a new website with domain, hosting, and design until your site is on the server live.

  1. Your domain cost $9.99 yearly.
  2. Web hosting cost $11.88 yearly.
  3. Design Pro theme $30 one time

How To Earn Money With Online Newspaper Website

When someone starts a news website for locally or internationally they expect they will earn from it. They work hard and harder. Many of them flourish and many of them just fails. It is not easy to earn from a news site in the short time frame.

After publication and regular work you can earn money. It will take almost 2-3 years for monthly stable earning. Differently you can earn money from a news website. In the below I have mention most popular way to earn money from a news portal website.

 1. Publish Content to earn money

At the beginning you need to wait at list six months to get paid for local advertising. Regularly work with your content editor, content writer to digging unique content to promote web ranking around the web. After publishing regular real content make a brand content. It will help to bring a potential advertiser.

2. Local advertise

Many small business owner and entrepreneur order you’re online advertising to expand their local business. Don’t get frosted if they are not much interest to provide ads for your online news portal. Simply try to make more audience and promote your news sit. Local advertising is a great source of money.

3. Pay-per-click advertising

It is not bad idea to start pay-per click service from your website. It brings some money at the beginning stage. Most reliable option is  Google absence. You can also work with other related company for ppc.

4. Sell subscription

For content reader you can sell subscription. You can earn some money with this way. Collect email to grow your audience. High quality content, photography, and authentic information can be a source of money.

5. Live event

Some live event can be your instant earning way. Company and industrial event is a source of earning. Not only industrial source but also local important even can be your source of earning.

Top Bangla portal website

Before begun a website you can check this website to get inspire. Top newspaper website give you an idea. Make you what you want? How will be your online news website etc.

You can check this list

Online all Bangladeshi news paper

Finally, creating a Bangla news portal website is not critical. It is pretty easy as a beginner simplify you can contact with an IT manager. They will assist you to build your local news or global news site. Already you know the amount of Bangla news portal website cost. You can contact with us, we can make an attractive website for you.

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