How to get multiple Google Voice numbers?

Get multiple Google Voice numbers. Google Voice of GV is one of the most preferred Voices Over IP or VoIP by Google account users. Since its launch in 2009, millions of users have benefited in their businesses, startups, services, and others. It has saved some money by using the trouble-free and crystal-clear internet telephone service.

Buy Google Voice Accounts

Get multiple Google Voice numbers

Set up your Google Voice Number

To get started with Google Voice, first, you need to create a Google account if you don’t already have one. This will give you access to a Gmail account, which is essential for both personal and business communications.

Begin by navigating to voice.google.com and signing in with your Gmail credentials. You’ll need to accept Google Voice’s terms, conditions, and privacy policy to proceed.

Next, download the Google Voice app on your iOS or Android device. If you’re using a desktop or Windows system, you can access Google Voice directly through your Google account.

Choose a phone number by selecting your area code, then pick your preferred number and link it to your primary phone number.

Test your new Google Voice number by making a call or sending a text message.

Google Voice offers an additional phone number for your business or personal needs, allowing free domestic and international calls.

The Google Voice app is available for Android, iOS, and web-enabled devices. The setup process is straightforward and user-friendly. If you encounter any issues, Google Voice support is available to help.

For further assistance, there are tutorial videos available on how to obtain unlimited Google Voice numbers, add Google Voice numbers, and use one Google Voice number on multiple phones. Enjoy clear voice calls from PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone using internet phone technology.

Your primary number linked to one GV

Your primary number linked to one GV is not applicable to link with Multiple Google voice numbers.  Also, have the option to buy Google Voice PVA accounts.

Signup New Google Account and Get an Additional GV Number

Google Voice is compatible with phone numbers from any mobile service provider. If you already have a secondary phone number, consider setting up a new Google account to register for Google Voice. This process will provide you with an additional GV number, effectively your third number.

This number can be particularly useful for marketing purposes, allowing you to handle business or personal calls separately. With Google Voice, you can manage multiple numbers across various devices.

To utilize your third GV number, it’s necessary to have a dual SIM smartphone, using your second number. This setup enables you to maintain several GV numbers. Additionally, if you find you no longer need a particular GV number, you have the option to discontinue its use.

Avail of Google Voice Products

It is advisable to read Legacy Google Voice and avail GV products to have more than one GV number. The GV allows phone types as follows.

Avail Google Voice Products

1. Google Voice for Work
2. Google Voice for Home
3. Google Voice for Mobile

It is advisable to select proper phone types and take advantage of getting additional GV numbers. However, you must authenticate with your primary phone number or secondary one.

You can take advantage of GV providing phone types for its customers by a trick. However, testing is necessary after setting it from your Smartphone or desktop. If it works, you are through. Thus, you now have two Google Voice numbers. It will be useful if any of your family members reside in another state, and you can activate a GV number by selecting that state’s phone code.

1. You can buy another Google Voice number by spending $ 20 only.

2. $ 10 is charged for changing the number if any, from your end.

Google Voice Product paid packages

Thus, you can have multiple Google Voice numbers by availing of Google Voice Product paid packages. However, Google Voice allows you to link up to six numbers as of today. There are possibilities in the future to add more numbers for work purposes. It is advisable to get a Google Voice notification to see such offers. Now, you can make use of an enhanced call management application, which functions on cloud-based phone systems. Therefore, GV is better than any other telecommunication service provider. Yet, it is a broadband phone service.

Google Voice Product paid

  • GV allows you to change the number and call settings as per your wish.
  • You can remove a phone number by making changes in settings.
  • You can have better control over the devices you wish to send a message and receive calls.
  • You can manage six numbers on various intern-enabled devices when you use Google Voice.


By making use of multiple Google Voice numbers, you have a dedicated business number. It will not affect your primary number, and you can manage calls and messages on different internet-enabled devices. Therefore, Google Voice is the best alternative to select for communication purposes. It will save some money you have to spend on other phone services. Today, millions of Google Voice users are satisfied with GV services. We hope you have some ideas to do it yourself by reading this tech blog. It will help you if you contact Google Voice support if you are facing any issues in adding phone numbers.

FAQ Section: How to Get Bulk GVoice Numbers

1. Can I have multiple Google Voice numbers?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to have multiple Google Voice numbers, but each number must be linked to a different Google account. Google Voice typically allows one number per account.

2. How do I create a new Google Voice number?

Answer: To create a new Google Voice number, you need to sign up for Google Voice using a Google account. Go to the Google Voice website, sign in with your Google account, and follow the prompts to choose a new number.

3. What are the requirements for getting a Google Voice number?

Answer: You need a Google account and a U.S. phone number to verify the account. Additionally, you must be located in the U.S. during the setup process.

4. Can I use the same mobile number to verify multiple Google Voice accounts?

Answer: No, each Google Voice account needs to be verified with a unique U.S. phone number. The same number cannot be used to verify multiple accounts. For multiple verified accounts or Verified Cash App accounts, you check the link.

5. Is there a limit to how many Google Voice numbers I can have?

Answer: While there’s no official limit stated by Google, each number must be associated with a separate Google account. Practically, your limit is the number of unique Google accounts and U.S. phone numbers you have for verification.

6. How do I manage multiple Google Voice numbers?

Answer: To manage multiple Google Voice numbers, you’ll need to sign in to each respective Google account. You can switch between accounts in your web browser or use different browsers/devices for each account.

7. Can I transfer calls between my Google Voice numbers?

Answer: No, Google Voice does not support direct call transferring between different Google Voice numbers as they are treated as separate accounts.

8. Are there any charges for having multiple Google Voice numbers?

Answer: Google Voice is free for personal use, which includes calling, texting, and voicemail within the U.S. However, international calls are charged at Google Voice’s standard rates.

9. How can I use Google Voice numbers for business?

Answer: For business use, consider Google Workspace, which offers more advanced features suitable for business needs. This may include the ability to manage multiple numbers more efficiently.

10. What happens if I don’t use my Google Voice number?

Answer: If a Google Voice number is not used for a prolonged period, Google may reclaim the number. It’s important to use each number occasionally to keep it active.

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