How to buy domain with bKash in Bangladesh

Now Bangladesh is one of the top internet user growing country around the world. So many people, organization, business owner and individually using Internet. Many of them create a new website. As a result they need to register domain and want to purchase hosting. So you need to have an easy payment gateway. So now on WpHostsell buy domain with bkash in Bangladesh.

What is Bkash in Bangladesh?

Bkash Bangladesh

Bkash is one of the popular mobile payment system in Bangladesh. Basically this financial method operated by Bangladesh Bank as a subsidiary of BRAC Bank Limited.

People of Bangladesh who have bank account or not both of them can use this service via mobile operating system.

Probably Bkash is the first service provider through mobile payment system. An Account holder can easily transfer money in one phone to another phone instantly.

Step-by-Step Guide to buy domain with bkash account

Step 1: Order Your Domain

At first, you need to choose a domain for registration. Check domain available tool. Simply put your preferable keyword to check domain name. If your domain have available, then click add to cart/ checkout.

Shopping Cart WpHostsell

In this step, after click add to cart you  need to choose a hosting package that you see left sidebar [No Hosting! Click to add]. You do need to click here if you already have a web hosting package or cPanel. Simply click to continue.

Shopping Cart step

In this time you can add registration period, see the total billing amount, promotion code option (only for promo code) etc. After have a look you can simply click to continue.

shoping cart step by step

Step 2: Select Bkash Payment

In this page you need to put your contact details. Fill the form and you already an account than simply click right side Already Registered button. Provide your email and password.

At the end of the page you will see a different payment option. For example mail in payment, Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin payment, bkash etc. Simply chose bkash option to pay.

order payment button

Finally, click complete order button. In this step you will be redirected new page and there have a bkash account and a reference number. (at this time send personal bkash number)

bkash payment invoice buy domain with bKash

After payment your domain will be active instantly. You can also call through mobile to get support about how to buy domain and hosting with bkash in Bangladesh.

What are you can buy with bkash payment?

Most of the online shopping are accepting bkash payment. You can buy domain hosting, vps and multi web products with bkash in 5 minutes.

In Bangladesh pay with bkash payment for grocery, electronics products, internet service, electric bill, mobile recharge etc.

Payment with bkash

Simply you can follow this steps to pay now:

Go to bkash Menu by dialing *247# Choose ‘Payment‘ option by pressing ‘3’ Enter our Merchant wallet number : 01915111799. Enter BDT amount.

Or, to pay bkash personal number simply send money to the number.

Use bkash app to pay

Install bkash app to your android phone and easily send and receive money. You can download this app from Google Play Store. If you have not accounted simply create one.

Here is the bkash app to download here.

In the bkash app you can see your balance. Just use your balance to pay your invoice amount. To pay you can use QR code or set your desire amount to payment.

So after finished payment you just need to ready your domain for the hosting.

If you buy a hosting package from us than you do not need to set your nameserver. It will automatically add to your domain. If you buy hosting from a different web hosting company than you need to set you DNS record.

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