How To Buy Domain With Bitcoin Step By Step Guide

What is bitcoin?

what is bitcoinIn this decade one of the most searchable questions in the Google search engine is what is Bitcoin ? Bitcoin is a decentralized peer to peer money system create in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Featured of Bitcoin is privacy, decentralize, no middleman, full control, programmable and immutable digital money. Government or any central power do not control this digital asserts. Computer to computer public ledger system where every traction copy is store over the public ledger. In this article I just focused how to buy domain with bitcoin an easy way. Its value crate as Money = Value = Trust

Beginner guide to buy domain with Bitcoin

domain registerSo you want to buy domain with your Bitcoin.

At first, you need to have some Bitcoin in your wallet.

Wherever your Bitcoin wallet is that is not matter, but it is important to pay domain register with your BTC.

Refill Your Bitcoin Wallet  Step-1

So if you have not any bitcoin in your wallet just buy it. You can buy it from different exchange or online Bitcoin wallet with your credit card/ visa master card.

Bitcoin Wallet

Not only visa or master card you can use your PayPal, Skrill, or any currency directly or convert.

For example, you can buy Bitcoin from Paxful where more than 300 different currency are available to convert BTC.

Read this article how to Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card

Order a Domain From Domain Register Step-2

Order a domain name from any domain register who are accepting Bitcoin as their payment method Cryptocurrency/ Bitcoin. Below are the top listing website who are accepting Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency to register domain and hosting.

  • WpHostsell : Accepting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in 2014 and number of domain are already registered with BTC, ETH and other Crypto. Domain price are $9.99.com,  $9.99.net, $10.99.org, $4.99.us etc
  • Namecheap: This popular domain register company also accepting Bitcoin as their payment method. User are also able to add fund to their Namecheap account balance.

Step-by-step guide on WpHostsell domain register

  1. Go to WpHostsell website and on the right top corner click to register to create and account. After that put your information as the requirement to open an account there. When you complete all the form as email, password and address. Finally, click to your user registration verification email in your inbox. In any case if you do not get the conformation email than check spam folder.

Order a Domain or search a domain

  1. Now you have an account on WpHostsell. In the dashboard on the top menu bar you can see new domain registration, domain transfer, service on web hosting etc. From the menu tab just click domain registration and simply follow the search tool to search domain availability.
  2. In this stage if you see your desire domain are available than go checkout page on the right-hand side. Checkout page click and as you created account now simply conform to register domain order from the page bottom.
  3. At the last you see email in payment and bitcoin or cryptocurrency payment. From here simply select bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment. Notice the bitcoin payment page give you 30 minute time to pay. In general 2 conformations is need to activate your domain or service.
  4. Sometimes it takes time to conform your payment. In this case please wait a moment to get conform to your domain registration. If you have an issue than just submit a support ticket to get instant support

What else can you buy with Bitcoin?

Buy Domain with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular anonymous digital currency now days around the world. So, you can buy domain for your company or business from anywhere in the world privately, securely and anonymously. Instant payment to buy domain name registration. So, it is pretty easy to buy domain with Bitcoin.

Buy Shared Hosting with Bitcoin

Not only with Bitcoin but also buy web hosting with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Ripel, Litecoin, Cardona etc. From WpHostsell you can order a web hosting server with cheap and reliable rate.

Buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin

Now it is an easy way to buy VPS server for different online project work and purpose. To buy anonymously buy VPS hosting with Bitcoin. A number of webs hosting company are offering this service by accepting Crypto.

Buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin

Like VPS, shared hosting , domain registration web user can easily buy a dedicated server with BTC. We also offer different type of dedicated server web hosting.

Buy Reseller Hosting with Bitcoin

Are you searching a reseller web hosting business? And want to pay hassle-free Bitcoin payment for it than you can buy and contact with WpHostsell who also setup everything your web reseller hosting business?

5 Top Domain Registrars Who Accept Bitcoin

If you are searching best top 5 domain register who are accepting BTC as their payment option than this guide help you find out and pick the top domain register for your business website. So the question is where can you register a domain and pay with Crypto? Here I recommanded top 5 domain register who are to accept BTC.

Whether you are looking to publish a blog, business website or want to make online money from blogging than you first need to buy a domain from a domain register.

Honestly, building a website give you full opportunity to control as you want on your website. In this case Bitcoin give you full control on your own money.

A number of merchants are accepting Bitcoin on their business. So, here are top 5 domain register.

1. WpHostsell

Only WpHostsell is the domain and hosting company who provide cheap domain and hosting service with Bitcoin payment method. They adopted Crypto digital currency from 2014. Still they accept crypto for any domain and hosting service.

As numerous hosting service provider who are ditching bitcoin for payment in different cause. But in this case WpHostsell overcome this situation to accept and stay with BTC in high Bitcoin volatile market.

They basically provide cheap web hosting service around the glob. Web hosting include shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller web hosting, SSL certificate etc

With purchase domain from WpHostsell you will also get

  • Free domain with 5gb hosting package only $11.88
  • Free Whois Guard Privacy P for lifetime
  • Positive SSL Certificate offer (valid for the lifetime) 
  • Private email free for 2 months
  • 24/7 instant customer support 

2. Namecheap

No doubt Namecheap is the world first web hosting ICANN enlisted company who are accepting Bitcoin. It is the first domain registration who accept BTc. Not only for domain registration but also for web server service they take Crypto as a payment option.

Namecheap is the prime position to adopt Bitcoin as payment method. They started accepting Bitcoin in 2013. In this time many merchants are avoiding cryptocurrency for it volatile and negative sentiment but Namecheap stay with BTC.

They mainly provide service on domain name registration. Also, they offer web hosting packages like shared, dedicated cloud etc.

In addition to they accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, debit card and pay with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for any of their services as well as get:

  • Complete Whois Guard Privacy for lifetime
  • An exclusive Positive SSL for your web (validity first year) 
  • Private email free for 2 months
  • 24/7 live customer support 
  • One of the cheap as low as $0.98 per year.

3. Namesilo

Namesilo is the another top branded domain hosting register who also take Bitcoin for their service like WpHostsell. They’re accepting just after 2014.

It is important to say they’re accepting crypto when many people and company not on Bitcoin. So in this period Namesilo let along adopt Bitcoin as a payment method.

Have been operating since 2000, Namesilo and WpHostsell get positive review as their services. It is mentionable that the Namesilo domain register company who always care about domain registration service. Even, they still provide a part of the web hosting service.

Now Namesilo service over the 3 million active domains under their regular service. Moreover, they fully provide a complete range of domain registration service. Also, domain transfer, domain availability search, as well as parking domain and selling domain in their marketplace.

3 matter about Namesilo:

(a) Namesilo simple, affordable and transparent pricing.

(b) They offer domain transfer for free with no delay

(c) It gives you extra services with no extra cost

Namesilo Every domain comes with…

  • FREE Whois Privacy Lifetime
  • Email Forwarding
  • Complete FREE domain parking
  • Domain Defender Protection
  • DNS Management Tools
  • Custom WHOIS Records
  • Domain Forwarding

So in Namesilo you can pay with Bitcoin, PayPal, Skrill, Dwolla, credit/debit card.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger Founded in 2004, it is also a reputable web and domain register company in a long time. Basically, Hostinger provide numerous server solution like shared hosting, cloud hosting WP Hosting, reseller hosting VPS hosting, email hosting etc.

Hostinger give you cheap web server from $0.80 per month. Not only cheap web server but also you get free domain + free WHOIS privacy, free SSL certificate for every web hosting packages.

They accept BTC and different payment option such as PayPal or a bank card.  Not only Bitcoin but also other altcoins to pay for domain and hosting

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Komodo
  • MaidSafeCoin
  • PotCoin
  • Qtum
  • USD Tether

Why Should You Use Bitcoin for Domain registration

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