How To Convert HTML To Shopify Themes Complete Guide

Shopify is one of the most popular and trusted hosted e-commerce base online store platform over the internet. It has allowed users to build a simple and easy online store. The store owner can build custom Shopify themes and it can be converted from any HTML template. So, in this Shopify article I am going to show you a complete step-by-step guide how to Convert HTML To Shopify template.

This HTML to Shopify teach article, assist you to make your online Shopify shop store from the scratch. In addition, the Liquid engine helps you to control your online store’s appearance. So lets start to choose any website and make it as an HTML than convert it into Shopify custom themes.

This platform advance API give developers and designer to create wonderful e-commerce solutions for the merchants.

The Shopify theme section makes it easy to use and customizable and flexible theme option for the merchants. So, what is the first step to begin a custom Shopify theme? Or how you can start converting an existing website to a Shopify template?

You can also choose a domain name to start a website with Shopify

#1 Component To Convert HTML To Shopify

To start building your first custom Shopify theme you need to ready your computer. So, what you need to start your Shopify theme. Check below components that will give you an idea.

  • Sublime Text (You can choose any program language editor as you want. For example, Dreamweaver, Notepad++ etc. But I prefer to write codes in Sublime Text)
  • Theme Kit (This cross connects platform tool give you live code writing environment on the Shopify theme. For instant, you’re writing programming code update on the server and you see live result)
  • Basics of the command line skill

So all the component ready to build custom Shopify themes

#2 Shopify Themes Requirement files

Start creating a Shopify theme folder on your computer desktop. So your theme folder name is Mystore. Now in this Shopify theme folder you some essential files to start the project. Before start basically you have those files.

  • HTML file (HTML file that you want to convert to Shopify theme and you can choose any HTML files to convert it to Shopify template)
  • Shopify demo theme (Generally some essential field are included in these folders)
  • products.expoert.csv (You can create it one by one through Shopify dashboard product page )

In a Shopify theme folder contain these files and you can find the following directories.

  • assets  
  • config
  • layout
  • locales
  • sections
  • snippets
  • templates
  • config.yml

assets folder

This folder is act just like theme directories as well as you can find all the necessary files are in this folder. Basically you can most of the component files that are use in the theme including images, style sheets, and JavaScript files.

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