Buy Domain And Hosting With Bitcoin In United States

Are you based in the United States and would wish to access and leverage websites, domain names, and web hosting services? If so, we are personally pleased to inform you that you have come to the right place. Our goal here is to let you know about our services hosting with Bitcoin In the United States and how to access them. Let’s talk about Hosting With Bitcoin.

Our company, WpHostsell, is a leader in the matters of web hosting and allied services. We register domains, make the WordPress resource easily available online, and carry out a host of other back-end services. You may buy Hosting With Bitcoin as we do focus primarily on the United States.

Buy Domain And Hosting With Bitcoin In United States

SERVICES ON OFFER In the United States With Bitcoin

Below are the top services we offer on hosting with Bitcoin In the United States:

Shared Hostinga.) Shared Hosting In the United States

This is by far the most economical and popular of all the services we provide on shared hosting. Under this arrangement, several sites and resources in one server. In this service, we care for and maintain the pages not to mention providing other back-end services. Below is the breakdown of the services we provide here: you can buy Shared Hosting With Bitcoin.

  • Starter
  • Advanced
  • Business
  • Unlimited

b.) Reseller Hosting With Bitcoin in the United States

Do you want to make money and fortunes in leasing out server spaces to third parties? If you do, you may wish to try out our reseller-shared hosting. Here, you purchase a huge server space that you subsequently lease out to the other users. Below is the breakdown of this portfolio:

  • Basic
  • Gold
  • Premium

c.) VPS Hosting In the United States With Bitcoin

Technically called, ‘Virtual Private Server Hosting,’ this one dedicates whole portions of the server infrastructure to a site or client. Examples of these could be the CPU or the RAM. It is suitable for those who want some autonomy or freedom insofar as the management of their resources is concerned.

VPS Hosting With Bitcoin

Here, we have the following resources:

  • Starter
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

d.) WordPress Hosting In the United States With Bitcoin

Looking to create, support, and manage your WordPress website effectively? You need to leverage the WordPress hosting resource. This one is wholly dedicated to the matters of WordPress. As part and parcel of its packaging, it contains every resource base you need to do the same. We break it down as follows:

WordPress Hosting With Bitcoin

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Rocket


Over and above the core business of hosting your sites and availing the backend support services, we also engage in the provision of other allied tasks. These are outside our core roles but go a long way in deepening your own experiences and elevating your ends. They are:

Marketing Services In the United States With Bitcoin

We do have a team of dedicated marketers who are trained and appropriately experienced in the matters of sales. The marketers, when tapped into, may also extend the reach of your sites and lead to more profitable sales and returns thereof. Want to enjoy excellent customer service? Get your hands on it!

Data on Cloudfront

The data on the Cloudfront is available for use to persons who have a huge quantity of data to store and back up. It is one that you use to free up your computers from the need to haul a huge quantity of scripts and other allied texts. Under this scheme, we provide unlimited web spaces for you.

WHMCH for Reseller In the United States With Bitcoin

WHMCHThe abbreviation ‘WHMCH’ stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. It is one that you use to monitor the activities of the end-users of your site to facilitate the remission of the payments. Under this arrangement, we confer technical assistance for the installation of the new sites as well. WHMCS packages with Hosting With Bitcoin payments.


Even though there are many ways and means of remitting the dues, Bitcoin stands out. Below are some of the advantages that come along with the use of this Hosting With Bitcoin of payment:

Utmost Simplicity

Bitcoin is the simplest to execute all the modes of payment. You need not swipe your card, sign up, key in a PIN, or append your signature on anything. To do so, you simply need to display your QR code and get the job done. That also leads to a greatly reduced wastage of time on your part.

Inherent Scarcity

Unlike the traditional currencies that have no fixed total value, the total of Bitcoins that will ever exist stands at a paltry 21 million. This inherent scarcity means one thing: that its value can and will only go up, never down. That is due to the increasing demand versus a limited supply.

Zero Controls and Regulations

This form of payment stands apart from the rest in the sense that it is not subservient to the whims of the political agents, regulatory authorities, and other creators. Because of this, it is not only safer but also cheaper and faster to execute. You will execute your payments in ways that are hassle-free indeed.


Closely related to the above is the issue of the dual benefits of anonymity and privacy. You do not have to disclose your identity or surrender your details as is the norm with the other modes of payment. In that way, you tend to enjoy some added peace of mind as you go about your business.

Lower Transaction Costs

The lack of too many bureaucracies and greatly reduced bottlenecks also leads to limited transaction costs. Yet again this is advantageous in the sense that it spares you from the inconveniences of having to part with too much of your money just to make a payment.

Simplified International Transactions

With Bitcoins, it is pretty easy to execute international transactions. There are hardly any restrictions on the flow of money from one corner of the world to the other one. Then again, the transactions are executed almost instantly unlike others that have to go through some lengthy hurdles.

Wider Acceptability

Though still in its nascent stages, Bitcoin is widely accepted by many corporate, government, and individual entities. By choosing to execute your transactions with it, you also get to position yourself strategically to tap into the convenience that comes along. At no point is it better than when traveling regularly.

Greater Liquidity

The term ‘liquidity’ refers to the ease, or lack of it, with which to convert an asset to hard cash. Talking of liquidity, Bitcoin is more liquid than just about any other cryptocurrency we have around. It hence gives you the leeway to retain your hard cash if you still cherish it without necessarily going through too many hurdles.

PS: To remit your payments via the Bitcoin:

Step I: Acquire a Bitcoin Wallet In the United States

Start by acquiring a Bitcoin wallet. Do this by logging into www.bitcoin.org. Fill out your profile and furnish the necessary details to activate the account and buy Hosting With Bitcoin.

Step II: Interlink your Bank Account with the Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin WalletYou now have to interlink your bank account with the Bitcoin wallet. Not every bank at the moment provides for this. You have to be sure that yours indeed has it. Liaise with your bank to conclude this step.

Step III: Transfer the Funds to the Wallet

Now move your funds from the bank account to the BitCoin wallet. This simply entails you filling out the necessary forms and then hitting the send button. If in doubt, seek the support and assistance of your bank, yet again. After get funds in your wallet then you are ready to buy Hosting With Bitcoin.

Step IV: Scan your QR Code

Lastly, you will scan the QR code to transfer the Bitcoins from your wallet to ours. That is the step you need to now effect the transaction. We shall send you an e-mail acknowledgment of the same as soon as we receive your money to get Hosting With Bitcoin.


It is necessary to dig a little bit deeper into our support services. That is due to our belief that these services are not unique but also critical insofar as the enhancement of your own experiences is concerned. Listed and explained hereunder are some of the top services we provide:


These are the acknowledgments you give to those who purchase and consume your reselling services. They serve as proof that those services have indeed been procured and given off. You will need them to sort out any emerging disputes and other untold problems. We have backups for them as well.


In the course of our operations, we have come across and compiled many pieces of information and facts that may help you out in your operations. What’s more? We do avail them free of charge to anyone who might need them. Feel free to make great use of the same from our portal for Hosting With Bitcoin purchases.


We are constantly innovating for Hosting With Bitcoin which gives you the opportunity to buy Hosting With Bitcoin anonymously. Indeed, from time to time, we do come up with new products and achieve some significant milestones. If and when these happen, we do make the pieces of information available to our clients, you included. That way, you get to stay ahead of the game all the time.


Other than the knowledge base, we also produce a couple of digital products that we subsequently make available to the people who choose to leverage our services. These downloads are available free of charge as long as you are duly enrolled and registered with us.

Network Status

You want to know how your site fairs at any given time, don’t you? That is something we also take care of! Our ‘Network Status’ resource exists to inform you of the state of your site and the goings-on at any given time. It serves to enhance your own ultimate experiences.


We are not the only ones who provide these services in the United States. The truth is, that many other companies engage in these services.  With BTC payment many customers are grabbing Hosting With Bitcoin payments. However, we do stand out from them. But just why is this the case? Below are but a few of those reasons:

Simpler to Manage

Our services, when compared to those of our competitors, are simpler to manage. We have put in place deliberate measures to make those services simpler for you to comprehend. Hosting With Bitcoin gives you a simple server package opportunity. Additionally, we also back them with some customer care undertakings. However, We commit to guiding our front-end users all the while of use.

Unparalleled Website Security

Other than merely setting your website up and running, we also provide unparalleled website security. This is a task we do by a combination of many tools and approaches. Examples of these include the issuance of special website certificates and the encryption of data among others. They work to prevent the loss of data and unauthorized intrusion thereof.

Free Customer Referrals

Given our established presence in the field of web hosting, we have built a retinue of clientele whom we are always willing and eager to refer to our clients. By choosing to have your site hosted by us, you also get to expand your customer base. That lets you tap into a wider market base and ultimately grow your sales.

Round-the-clock Availability

Unlike our competitors, we do avail our services on a round-the-clock basis. That is because we are open for service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Yet again, you have some freedom of mind to leverage and convenience to enjoy. Need we add that those services also include free customer care?

Secure and Faster Loading

At this time, Rounding up the list of our benefits is that of faster loading of the sites we have on our servers. Hopefully, You do not have to wait for too long to obtain the pages you want. That of course is good news as you won’t have to waste your time while engaging the services of the company thereof.


From the foregoing reviews and explanations, one thing stands out: WPHostsell is undoubtedly a reliable web hosting company In the United States With Bitcoin Pay. Why not tap into this reliability by choosing to have us host your site for you? We are always eager to help the new entrants to start.

Finally, All you have to do is access our site WpHostsell. Therein, you will find all the vital pieces of information you need to get started. Then again, you can also reach us via the contact that is displayed on the pages. So, A member of the customer care team is always on standby and ready to accept your inquiries.

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