Web Hosting Company In Bangladesh Know Everything

Web Hosting Company In Bangladesh Know Everything

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a place where people put their webpages or files put on the internet. Many web host companies provide service for individuals or companies to put their website to the web server Internets. Web hosting service provider, such a technological support and service for the website owners to view the internet. As per worldwide web hosting service we have web Hosting Company In Bangladesh. Here you will be able to know about Web Hosting Company In Bangladesh.

Web Hosting Company

Web Hosting Company

All websites are generally hosted on a special computer, it’s called web server. So, when an internet user visit your website they will need to write a domain address or a website address in the browser.

So, at the point there computer will need to connect to your server to display the website through a browser.

A part of the service is all the web hosting companies need that you have a domain to host with them. If it is your first time service, then you need to buy a domain from the web hosting company. There have also domain registration and best web hosting company in Bangladesh.

Types of Web Hosting Services In Bangladesh

Shared Web HostingShared Web Hosting

This hosing server shared with other website. The main advantage is this type of web hosting service save your web hosting costs. You can pay only $3-$5 per month with other shared websites on the same server.

It can be hundred or thousand websites shared by the same super server. So shared hosting host many website in one web server.

One of the biggest disadvantage has been you just mercy other website on the same server. Less popular website adversely effected your website value. Other hand, if you have a more popular website then you just get shared hosting at a low cost. A number of Web Hosting Company In Bangladesh are provide this service.

Reseller Web HostingReseller Web Hosting

This is an option where a web hosting company rent their hard drive space and bandwidth to another web hosting company to resale among new clients.

It is a medium class business who have their own third party-is clients. This is a general entrepreneur business who want to start own web server business.

Most of the case web developer and designer in Bangladesh start reseller web hosting business among their own clients with their brand.

Cloud Based Web HostingCloud Based Web Hosting

Another web hosting is cloud base hosting and basically provide service on the virtual servers and bring computing resources underlying layer of practical server.

Any client can use as per their requirements and their need. It can save their money as their use of the service. They only pay what they are used for their web pages.

Independently you can use this type of web hosting service. Only pay as you use for this server.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

It is providing virtualization software for the web service. Basically, it’s called a hypervisor and provided emulated server service, also called a virtual machine (VM).

This type of service logically privet but not physically privet web server. On this level subscriber are allowed to configure our as per their own requirements.

Dedicated Web ServerDedicated Web Server

service provides rental and exclusive use of the related software, computer and it is remotely configured for the clients.

In a network it is a single server with large scale for the clients. One single computer manages all the other computer network server.

This type of computer also handle printer resources. Dedicated  web server is now increase the popularity all over the country.

Many enterprise company buy this type of server.

Technical Support

Web Hosting Company provides service on various aspects like website, hosting issues, DNS, domain and emails. Any web hosting get popular for their technical spurting reports. In Bangladesh there is a language issue.

Most of the Bangladeshi is not fluent in English, so sometime they don’t understand the English. That’s why get do not get the proper solution who are taking service from the outside of Bangladesh.

As this case, Web Hosting Company In Bangladesh is providing advantage about the proper technical support. Any website hosting matter, they direct getting a call from the customer and ask to get help.

As own language they understand whole the matter and easily indicated the problem. So, it is very easy get solution for any web hosting technical issue.

  • Every web hosting have a different category article base on the service.
  • A lot of web hosting source tutorial they make to get quick problem solve in Bangle language.
  • Technical support videos are available to provide better service for the web company customers.
  • Submit a support ticked option for the clients for billing, technical support and any problems.
  • Call us option, provide phone number or mobile number to get instant support.
  • Anyone can ask any question at any time.
  • All of the above are stander with the global web hosting service.

Top web hosting company in Bangladesh

top web hosting companyBasically, it comes through Alexa ranking, Google search performance, overall clients, support, available etc. It might be good if you check this article where everything is mention about the best web hosting company in Bangladesh. Best web hosting in Bangladesh.

Here are top web hosting company in Bangladesh

  1. Eicra.com Link
  2. Webhostbd.com Link
  3. Centriohost.com Link
  4. Toshost.com Link
  5.  Hostaroma.com Link
  6. Exonhost.com Link
  7. Hostingbangladesh.com Link
  8. Xeonbd.com Link
  9. Dhakawebhost.com Link
  10. Alpha.net.bd Link

Which web hosting company is best in Bangladesh?

Honestly, the question is very complicated to provide the answer. The domain and hosting market are so competitive and most of the web hosting company trying to give best for the customers. So it is really hard to pick up the real and appropriate company from the list.

All of the aspect analysis, we recommend two here where you can start your first web hosting service.

  1. Webhostbd.com : It is one of the top web hosting company in Bangladesh. There service is stander for all call customers. There have many web hosting video tutorials that give you advantage to work with them.
  2. WpHostsell.com: This is new growing web hosting company in Bangladesh. You can get cheap web hosting package from here. There have technical support to get instant problem solve.

Payment method and gateway support web hosting company

Now most of the web hosting company providing service with multiple payment gateway. Anyone can buy a domain and hosting from different payment method. A few days ago, it was very difficult to buy a domain and hosting from the company with USD.

Now every web hosting company have the payment option with a VISA card, Bank payment, bKash etc.

There has separate company in Bangladesh who are providing multiple payment option as merchantmen company. Many web hosting business holder is getting the service from them with little pay. For example,

  • Easypayway.com
  • Xeonbd.com
  • Sslcommerz.com

Finally, you can start a web hosting business in Bangladesh or you can get the service from locally. Web hosting business is profitable but you should have the right concept is about.

On the other hand, you can get the service for your website. So, before start web hosting service you need a knowledge about it. Web hosting company can assit you in the biging time.

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