Cheap Online Micro Job Script For Sale


Cheap Online Micro Job Script For Sale

OnlineMicroJob Features

Unique PHP+MYSQL micro-job marketplace PHP script with tons of awesome customizable features! So, let see.

  • The very simple installation wizard
  • Url’s are SEO optimized
  • Free support/upgrades for lifetime
  • Nice site design
  • Amazing DIV/CSS design structure  moreover, you can easy to change your website template
  • Multi-Currency – you can use any currency on your jobs site: dollar, euro, pound, etc
  • Browse Jobs by Categories
  • Latest completed tasks
  • Job Success Rate
  • Job Success Progress Bar
  • Worker Rating System
  • Send money via the site
  • Search workers
  • Top Workers
  • Facebook login
  • Member can send withdrawal request, while minimum payment request reached
  • Employer Rank System
  • Hire workers
  • Post jobs through an ad
  • Integrated with PayPal, Payza
  • Signup captcha
  • Workers can complete ads and submit “proof”
  • Employers can approve/disapprove proof submitted
  • Search task’s proof by keywords
  • The worker can see their earning balance in the profile
  • Employer profile also can their spend amount
  • Easy Navigation
  • Premium accounts
  • Sign Up email confirmation
  • Sort jobs by date, popularity
  • Ability to sort jobs by paying rate
  • Member can see all tasks
  • Users can edit profile and password
  • Member can see his earning
  • Member can see his payment history
  • An employer can invite favorite workers to job

More Fetures

  • RSS feed
  • Jobs search
  • Each job has its own page so it can be indexed
  • Sign Up Bonus – give bonus for new member
  • My Payments – allow seeing current balance, and all payment history
  • Invitation System – members can send invitations to their friends
  • Refer a Friend – member can find his own unique referral link and referrals statistics
  • Fraud protection for Refer a Friend Bonus
  • Detailed Referrals list
  • Edit Profile – edit account settings, such as name, email, change password, etc
  • My Workers – ability to save/manage your favorite workers
  • Send Money – allow members to send money to another member directly via the site system
  • Withdraw Money – allow members to request money withdraw
  • Deposit Money – allow members to add funds to their account via PayPal or Payza
  • Support System – all users are able to ask questions to the admin

Admin Features

OnlineMicroJob script offers a multifunction interface, allowing you to manage as well as all the aspects of your micro-job site without programming knowledge.

  • Fully Functional Password Protected Admin Backend
  • Approve / Disapprove Jobs
  • Manage Members – View/Edit/Delete Members
  • Block/Unblock Members
  • Multiple categories per job
  • Unlimited jobs and categories
  • Sub Categories
  • Ability to add your own pages
  • Manage Jobs – Add/Edit/Delete Jobs
  • Categories – Add/Edit/Delete Categories
  • Countries – Add/Edit/Delete Countries
  • Website Stats – get stats about your website, new members today, yesterday, and other
  • Email Users – allow sending newsletters
  • Email Templates – simply edit email templates
  • Payment methods – Add/Edit/Delete payment methods
  • Content Management System (CMS) – manage homepage text and another page such as About Us, How it works, Help, Contact Us
  • Payments Section – have full control over overpayments as well as See who needs are paid, what payment method, date, and more
  • Withdraw Requests – Admin can see all the user’s withdrawals history. You can confirm or decline requests
  • Messages System – receive and read messages from members
  • Fake Registrations – display site users with the same IP address
  • Settings – So, simply set up your micro-job site settings

OnlineMicroJob PhpScript Demo

However, The demo credentials for OnlineMicroJob are below. So, the site is live and subject to changes. Finally, this MicroJobScrip restored all the default settings every 7 days.

Launch User Panel Demo

Username: demo
Password: demo123

Launch Admin Panel Demo

Login: admin
Password: admin123

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