Why is Google Voice not ringing 7 Ways to Fix Ringing Issues

Google Voice is an internet-phone service offered by Google Inc. It is famous since its launch in 2009. It functions on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Let details on Google Voice not ringing. Thus, it gives anyone another phone number to make calls and receive calls from multiple devices. However, Google Voice users have deducted a bug like Google Voice not ringing. The company also accepted that this issue is there are it will take a longer time to fix at their end. However, you can try the below-mentioned seven ways to fix the ringing issue, or Google Voice not ringing.

1. Check Ring Volume

Check Ring Volume google voice

Check Ring Volume Google voice

Your device must be used by someone else and might have muted the ringtone or kept it at a low volume level. Thus, you will not hear the ringing sound when an incoming call comes via Google’s voice number. Therefore, you need to check and fix it by the following steps. Let see blew about Google Voice not ringing.

• Check the master volume is full when you give your communication device to someone else.
 Always check the master volume is full when you have accessed any other A/V medium and set the volume controls down.
• You must check the master volume once again when you have muted the phone and not muted it. Sometimes, the volume might be low, and you cannot hear the incoming calls coming via Google Voice.

Thus, you can fix the Google Voice not ringing on the phone by checking the master volume level.

2. Check Speaker Sound Volume

Check Speaker Sound Volume

Check Speaker Sound Volume

People using desktops in Windows or iOS devices might use external speakers. It does have sound control apart from your master volume setup. You must see they are functioning with full sound when you start your system.

You will not hear incoming ringtone if your speaker is worn out or dead. It is advisable to check your speakers sound good in high fidelity, and that the volume knob is kept at maximum sound.

Sometimes, Google’s voice might not work on a computer if you have accessed any other audio files and altered the sound settings. You must fix such external multimedia speaker settings by a trial calling via Google Voice.

3. Check Ringing Sounds from Other Devices

If your Google voice is not ringing outgoing calls, it will affect your business or miss what you wish to convey by Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. You use Google Voice, as it is crystal-clear audio quality, fast, and reliable with the latest communication technology.

To troubleshoot a potential issue with Google Voice, it’s advisable to follow these initial steps before reaching out to the Google Voice Help Center:

  1. Test the ringing sound on different calling devices. If these devices ring, the problem likely lies with Google Voice.
  2. Make a call using WhatsApp. If a ringing tone is audible, it indicates an issue specifically with Google Voice calling.
  3. Try using other calling applications to verify if the ringing tone is present. Should these steps confirm that the issue is with Google Voice, your next course of action is to report the problem. However, if there is no sound across all devices, the problem may be related to your sound card.

4. Check Sound Alert Type

Check Sound Alert Type

Check Sound Alert Type

You might use any of the Google Voice calling-enabled devices. All of such devices will have a sound alert selection function.

Here, you have to check the sound alert is ring type for Google Voice calling. Then only you get the ringing sound while someone calls you on Google Voice.

You will Google Voice not ringing if they are set in the following sound alert types.

1. If your device is set in vibration sound alert mode, you will get a vibrate sensation only. Here, you will not hear the ringtone while in Google Voice calling incoming on your device.

2. If your device is set in a light-only alert mode, you will see a light signal only. Here, you will not hear the ringtone while in Google Voice calling incoming on your device.

Thus, it would help you if you disabled other sound alerts and set the ring as your incoming tone on your device. Now you can find a ringtone while someone uses Google Voice and calls your Google Voice number.

5. Google Voice Not Ringing

If you find Google Voice not ringing, it is advisable to update the latest version of the Google Voice Application.

Not Ringing

It would help you if you did this when you could hear ringing sounds from other sources of communication. It is advisable to download or update the Google Voice application.

You must set sound features too from settings. It will be better to do this on all devices from where you use Google voice calling. After updating it, you must hear the ringing sound when incoming calls are coming for Google Voice.

6. Check Alert Settings on Google Voice Account

If you are accessing the first time in Google Voice, you might not hear the incoming ringing tone. It can happen if you have not correctly enabled the sound alert setting in your Google Voice account.

You must go to the setting and put a ring sound on incoming calls. If it is in any other alert mode, you will not hear the ringing noise. Thus, you can fix Google voice issues related to ringing sounds by yourself as a DIY method.

7. Check Answers from the Google Voice Help Center

You can check the Google Voice Help Center and fix the Google Voice not ringing issues by reading the FAQs and related quarries by Google Voice users.

You can do this if any of the ways above mentioned to fix Google Voice not ringing. If you cannot sort out the issue, it is advisable to make a complaint with Google Voice support. They will raise a ticket and come up with a solution.

Answers from Google Voice Help Center
People using multiple Google Voice-enabled devices must test DIY fixation ways, as discussed above. It will sort out your Google Voice ringing issues. Thus, you will not miss an important call from your client or friends. You can report this issue to Google Voice number support if these seven ways to fix them do not work.

FAQ: Troubleshooting Google Voice Not Ringing

Q1: Why isn’t my Google Voice not ringing when someone calls?

  • A: This could be due to several reasons, including settings in your Google Voice account, issues with the forwarding phone, or app-related problems. Ensure that your Google Voice number is correctly linked to your phone and that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is not activated in your Google Voice settings.

Q2: How do I check if my Google Voice is set up correctly?

  • A: Log into your Google Voice account, go to Settings, and verify that your forwarding number is listed and active. Also, check that the ring settings are configured to your preference and that the account is not set to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

Q3: Could the issue be with my internet connection?

  • A: Yes, a poor internet connection can affect Google Voice calls, especially if you’re using it over Wi-Fi or data. Ensure your internet connection is stable. If using Wi-Fi, try switching to mobile data or vice versa to check if there’s an improvement.

Q4: What should I do if the app itself seems to be malfunctioning?

  • A: If the Google Voice app is not functioning properly, try clearing the app’s cache or data from your phone’s settings. If that doesn’t work, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.

Q5: Are there any known bugs or issues with Google Voice that might be causing this?

  • A: Occasionally, Google Voice may have bugs or server issues. Check online forums or Google’s support page for any reported widespread issues. Also, ensure that you’re using the latest version of the app.

Q6: How can I ensure my device settings are not interfering with Google Voice?

  • A: Check your phone’s settings to ensure that it’s not blocking notifications or sounds from the Google Voice app. Also, verify that your phone’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings are not hindering calls.

Q7: What steps can I take if none of the above solutions work?

  • A: If you’ve tried all the above steps and your Google Voice not ringing, you may need to contact Google Support for further assistance. They can provide more detailed troubleshooting based on your specific situation.

Q8: Is there a way to test if Google Voice not ringing?

  • A: Yes, you can test by calling your Google Voice not ringing. This will help you determine if the issue is with incoming calls in general or specific to certain numbers.
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