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To be able to make your site discoverable by a potential user, you have to host it. Though there are a few free hosting sites, you will need to purchase some space in a remote server. That is because the paid hosting is more reliable than the free sites. So, you can buy hosting with Bitcoin. Several payment options exist for your exploration and trial. However, here you can find how to buy hosting with Bitcoin.

Of these, Bitcoin, which is the latest mode of payment, is by far the most recommended. But just what is this Bitcoin? How does it differ from your ordinary payment methods? And how is it utilized for payment? We answer these and many more relevant questions in our discussions below. Mostly on the “buy hosting with Bitcoin”.

Here You Can Buy web hosting with Bitcoin


what is bitcoinFor a start, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Unlike the standard currency, this one is not issued by a central bank nor is it owned or regulated by any entity.

Instead, it exists largely in cyberspace. Unlike ordinary currencies, it also lacks any paper or coin formats.

For these reasons, it is resistant to the common shocks that other currencies have to contend with. That also makes it a suitable avenue for settling international debts and payments. So, for anonymous payment buy hosting with Bitcoin.


As the name implies, Bitcoin hosting is the use of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to pay for the server spaces and other expenses that come along with hosting your sites.

Though it does much the same as your ordinary currencies, some benefits come along with the use of this cryptocurrency.



For one, the currency brings about some degree of anonymity. That is because it is not attached to any central bank or country.

Then, it is also private as it is difficult to trail someone who has issued or used it.

That, of course, brings about an elevated sense of confidence when hosting sites.

If the server you have in mind is located in a different territory or region, you might never have a better option than Bitcoins.

This currency cuts across the board about territorial acceptability. It is as such likely to expedite the process of hosting as it is subject to almost no checks or regulations.


Several benefits accrue from the use of Bitcoin to buy hosting space. In this segment of our discussions, we shall look into them for your added insight:

Faster Payment

The transactions that are carried out via Bitcoin are faster than those that are processed by alternative cryptocurrencies or standard modes of payment. Buy hosting with Bitcoin for faster payments.

Bitcoin Faster Payment

That is mainly because of the lack of a centralized authority and almost zero regulations. With this instantaneous nature of the transactions, you may be certain of an elevated degree of convenience.

Privacy and Anonymity

Buy hosting with Bitcoin as a privacy and anonymity advantage. We have already explained, that cryptocurrency is not regulated by any entity. As such, the chances of someone picking your details and identities are not possible.

The use of the currency hence brings about some privacy and anonymity that ordinary currencies cannot. That also gives you secure peace of mind while in use.

Highly Attractive

Generally speaking, the use of Bitcoins is highly attractive compared to ordinary currencies.

By reasons of its instantaneous effects, zero paperwork, and the ability to traverse territorial boundaries with ease, Bitcoin is a currency that any serious person desperately wants to make good use of.

Relatively Simple

Given that you do not have to fill papers or go through lengthy procedures to effect this mode of payment, Bitcoin is a relatively simple currency to make use of.

All you have to do is possess basic computing skills and that is it! Even a starter has what it takes to make use of it.

Wider Acceptability

Many people and entities are increasingly embracing cryptocurrencies. Quite a good number are also amazed by its higher satisfaction and reliable means of settling debts.

It hence goes that by choosing to work with it, you too stand to leverage the benefit of wider acceptability.

Seamless Integration

As part of being accepted widely, the currency also integrates easily with other currencies, banks, and payment platforms.

That makes the process of payment all the more convenient to carry around, as all other factors are held constant. This again goes a long way in expediting the process of making payments.


Now that we know about the benefits of Bitcoin as a currency or mode of payment, we now delve into discussing the steps involved in using the currency to pay for hosting spaces.

Below are the procedures you would naturally have to go through to be able to achieve this end:

buy hosting with btc

Step I: Select a Suitable Exchange

You will first and foremost have to select the most suitable exchange. These are middlemen that convert your ordinary currencies into cryptocurrencies.

A number of them do exist for your leverage and use. Examples of these are Kraken and Coinbase, to name but a few!

Step II: Verify your Identity

Next, you have to verify your identity. These are pieces of information that uniquely set you apart from the others. They are the e-mail address, official name, national identity card number, proof of address, and so on.

The exchange will use these vital pieces of information to combat money laundering and theft.

Step III: Load Money

After verifying your identity successfully, you now have to load money into the system. To do this, you will first and foremost calculate the prevailing exchange rate between your currency and the BitCoin.

Then, you use the tools that are provided for by the exchange to do the actual loading.

Step IV: Select the Recipient and send the Money

Now select the recipient of the funds, who in this case happens to be us. Use the tools that are provided by the exchange you use to buy cpanel with Bitcoin.

Owing to the instantaneous nature of the currency, this amount will reflect instantly in our systems and balances.

Step V: Receive the Confirmation

No transaction is complete without a receipt or confirmation to that effect. We understand that fact only too well. That is why we send out e-mail confirmations to the inboxes of the people who do business with us.

This again should happen in a matter of minutes.


Like any other mode of payment, Bitcoin too, has its fair share of potential downsides.

We devote this segment of our discussions to looking into some of the likely issues that may arise with the use of this currency for purchasing hosting spaces:

You can also check top domain registers that accept Bitcoin

Tax Disputes

Since the currency is exempt from many legal restrictions, various jurisdictions are nonetheless intent on cashing in on it for tax revenues.

It is not very simple to be tracked for taxation. Moreover, the charges may also be slightly inflated to cater to tax needs.

Legal Hurdles

Some jurisdictions are also yet to fully embrace the technology. Many will tend to restrict the applications and the extent to which the currencies may be remitted.

Expect hence to be grilled somehow when attempting to effect the payments via the method altogether. Take time to know what the laws of the land say about it.


Though this mode of payment is relatively simpler, it is still new and is yet to be embraced by the masses. Those who have had almost no history of performing such transactions will find it somewhat complicated to undertake altogether. That may put you at a disadvantage if you are one such.


Since this mode of payment involves some kind of anonymity, it may not always be easy to account for the transactions.

That may cause issues later on especially if the auditors come knocking around. You may have hence to make room for alternative auditing and accountancy.

Currency Fluctuations

Since most transactions entail the crossing of borders, the mode of payment is highly prone to the risk of currency fluctuations.

These fluctuations eat away some of the value of the currency concerned. This may, in turn, affect the overall reliability especially when the currencies are too volatile.

Transaction Fees

The middlemen who are engaged in facilitating the transactions do charge some money for the job. The charges they levy also eat away portions of the profits.


Transaction Fees

That also tends to inflate the amounts of money that you might eventually have to part with when making purchases.


It is worth knowing the benefits that you stand to accrue by choosing to host with us, is it not? Well, here below, we endeavor to showcase these and indeed many of the benefits that potentially come along: All advantages to buy hosting with Bitcoin below.

Excellent Backend Support

We do have robust backend support for our clients. This we do by stationing a couple of customer service executives who are always on the lookout for any issues and ready to handle them as soon as can practically be the case.

With this support comes the added peace of mind on your part.

Affordable Rates

The services we provide are relatively affordable. They are devoid of any hidden charges and other issues that are likely to inflate the final values. Almost no charge to buy hosting with Bitcoin.

Yet again, you may be certain not to incur huge expenses when attempting to access these vital services from us.

Huge Service Portfolio

Our company deals with everything to do with web hosting and the internet as a whole. These range from hosting itself to other internet-based applications and services.

We are hence your one-stop shop for all matters of web hosting and allied services. Choosing to work with us is hence a sure way to reap some conveniences to buy hosting with Bitcoin.

Seamless Scalability

If and when you need extra space, you need not necessarily apply separately for the same. Just notify us of your intention and we will come through for you.

Thanks to this service, you have the added benefit of the freedom of space to make full use of. It is useful to buy hosting with Bitcoin as seamless and scalability.

Free Upgrades

Other than seamless scalability, we also confer the benefit of free upgrades for you to enjoy. From time to time, new technology does arise. If you buy hosting with Bitcoin then that is fees effective.

Each time they arise, we take the utmost pleasure and initiative to incorporate them into our clients, all for their elevated convenience levels.

Advisory and Consultancy

We do offer advisory and consultancy services to our clients at, a charge. This we do because we recognize that our clients are often at a disadvantage when it comes to the leverage of these services. In this case, it is easy and good to buy hosting with Bitcoin.

They may not know what to do when. Working with us is hence a sure way of staying ahead of the game.

Round-the-clock Availability

Unlike many of our competitors, we people have our services available on a round-the-clock basis. This gives you some freedom because you can ask for the service whenever and wherever you feel like.

You also won’t feel constrained at all as you have the freedom to choose when to act.

Wealth of Experience

By having been operational for far too long. We are very experienced in handling any issues on the matter. As well as come along with the matters of web hosting.

Our long years of operations have also equipped us with some skills and expertise that are the envy of our rivals. Why would you even think of looking elsewhere?


We bring our explanations of how to buy hosting with BitCoin to an end there. Having done our part, we now challenge you to move with haste to purchase some hosting space.

Doing so is pretty simple. All you have to do is get to us via this link

A member of our customer service representatives is always on standby and ready to receive your inquiries. When do you intend to set out on a purchase?

Kindly let us know so that we may make appropriate plans to minister to your needs as soon as possible! Hopefully, you got all about how to buy hosting with Bitcoin.

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Hi Thanks for your service. I got a share hosting from this website. Mainly my convent is I got my package from you with Cryptocurrency payment. But bad thing is technical support is pretty slow. You need to service more first.

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One of the great place to learn how to buy domain and hosting with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

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