Buy Dedicated Server With Bitcoin

Creating a site is one thing. Deploying the site on the internet is yet another thing altogether. There is no way to get around this issue. For that, you will need a web hosting company or service provider. This is a firm that has the expertise and equipment mix that makes your site visible to others on the web platform. So, we are here to Buy a Dedicated Server With Bitcoin.

Have you been seeking such services or a firm that can provide them? We are glad to let you know that you have landed on just the right page. Our goal here is to showcase to you the services of our company and what makes it suited for the hosting of your sites. That is to let you buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin with ease.


We are a web hosting company that is based in Khulna, city. We opened our doors on 01/01/2014 and have been continuously operational for the last 7 years now. Our vision is to help small businesses to let their merchandise and presence be widely felt across the globe.

We do this by producing and selling products that are largely designed to improve the presence of businesses across a wider platform. Through our network of services, we enable businesses and individuals to post sites and web pages to the internet as well. We complement these via a robust backend support service network. What’s more, we also allow you to buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin!

Buy a Dedicated Server With Bitcoin

We offer the following main services:

Domain Name Registration

At the top of the services we provide is the domain name registration. Here, we help you to choose the right domain name for your site. Then, we also search the entire web directory for the names to see to it that the one you have in mind has not been taken. Then, we also register the name and make it available to the other users of the internet. Have we mentioned that you can buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin?

Web Design

Though you are free to design your site on your own and have it uploaded by us, we can also do the same for you. We do have a robust team of web design specialists who have the wherewithal necessary to build your sites to your satisfaction. All you have to do is spell out the specifications and leave the rest to the experts to take over from there.

Web Upgrades

Over and above building the websites from scratch, we also carry out web upgrades. These could take the forms of re-writing the web using the latest and more advanced languages, adding some photos, interfacing the site with other external databases, and even improving the overall performance of the site altogether. What’s more? We also study the ongoing trends and advise appropriately with them.

Reseller Hosting

This is a wholesale web hosting service in the sense that we lease out the servers to other sellers who in turn sell the same spaces to others. It lets you buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin. You want this for the taking if you similarly want to engage in the sale and distribution of the server spaces. We avail of this service via numerous plans that are intended to meet the specific needs of different cadres of persons and users. So, here is the right place to buy reseller Hosting with Bitcoin

Cloud Hosting

Dedicated HostingDo you have a huge quantity of data that you cannot store within your servers or simply want to back them up for your safety? Look up to us a second time! Our cloud hosting provides huge spaces for persons who would wish to store and safeguard similarly large volumes of data at any given time. It in the same breath provides numerous co-operant services that enrich the experiences of the users. Similarly, this one also lets you buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin.

Buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin

In this service regime, we set aside one server unit exclusively for you. This gives you the freedom and leeway to do all that pertains to the access, care, and maintenance of your sites. Though expensive, this kind of hosting is a sure way of enjoying the maximum freedom and utmost convenience you need to fully enjoy the benefits that come along with the engagements of the associated online resources. Also, it lets you buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin.Dedicated Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Have some WordPress resources to host and make available to the masses? We have you well taken care of. Our WordPress hosting service exists primarily to help with that. We do have all the resources necessary to not only place the site firmly in place but also allow for editing and other issues that have to be carried out in pursuance of the same.

VPS HostingVPS Hosting

The term VPS stands for ‘Virtual Private Server.’ It is much like dedicated web hosting with the exception that you are not granted an entire server on your own. Instead, you are apportioned a segment of the existing server for your exclusive use. That way, you leverage greater efficiency while at the same time saving greatly on your financial resource spending because of enables you to buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin. You check our cheap VPS server

Shared Hosting

Rounding up the list of our top-notch services is the shared hosting. Under this plan, you are assigned more or less similar space to the other clients. This by far is the most cost-effective plan as it entails limited expenses and the size of the disk manageable. For a large part, this service is mainly suitable for entry-level websites and basic sites. Like all our pertinent services, this also lets you buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin.

Web Certificates

Some sites require exceptionally high levels of security that may only be guaranteed by way of web certificates. Our company also endeavors to help the sites of the clients who are hosted here to be more secure. This we do chiefly by issuing web certificates to the sites and undertaking other backend security initiatives. You may count on your site hence to stay free from any form of attack.

Hardware Sales

You will no doubt require some hardware to tackle your web hosting and allied services. We are also cognizant of this very fact. That is why we also purchase and resell the leading pieces of hardware for your consideration. Some of these are high-speed supercomputers, routers, modems, and power supply units. We only source the most reliable pieces of hardware that are also likely to last longer.


Below are some of the benefits you stand to accrue by having us host your site:

Robust Back-end Support

We do have a robust back-end support system that we use to care for our clients. These include on-call services, customer care, explanations and inquiries, and appropriate guidance as pertains to the kinds of services that may be suitable for you. Our services are offered on a round-the-clock basis and are needless to say, absolutely free of charge.

Bitcoin Payment MethodsBitcoin Payment Methods

We are perhaps one of the few companies that accept Bitcoin payments. We let you buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin. This is the latest revolutionary payment regime that greatly simplifies the execution and settlement of the dues that accrue from the use of our services. One striking advantage of this is that it is executable via the online platform. That gives you the freedom and leverage to work in the comfort of your own home.

Flexible Service Regimes

In our company, we treat each client as if he were the only one we had on our premises. Thus, we take our time to listen carefully and passionately to the concerns of each client and tailor a solution that is in tandem with their unique expectations and needs. Our flexibility sees that each person’s satisfaction is guaranteed and well taken care of.

Powerful and Reliable Servers

While sourcing for the servers to use to host our client’s sites, we emphasize only those that are strong and super powerful. We do this out of the realization of the fact that our clients want nothing but the best experiences realizable all the time. By choosing to work with us, you get to enjoy a truly speedy flow of information and limited downtime.

Follow-ups to buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin

You may abdicate your task of following up on clients with us. We do have a robust follow-up mechanism that serves to up the response rates of our clients. This service, we provide, at no extra cost to you. By choosing to have your site hosted by us, you get to enjoy so much more than what you initially paid for or part with.

Advisory To Buy a Dedicated Server With Bitcoin

We do advertise our products extensively in a bid to attract many other clients. In the course of doing this, we also boost the profiles of those who choose to have their sites backed by us. Yet again, the advertisement is done at no extra cost on your part. The result is a higher profit margin and limited operational expenses from you.

Free Advisory and Consultancy Services

As a last benefit, we also provide free advisory and consultancy services to our clients. We are conversant with the market trends and are hence always in the position to predict and know for certain the course of action that you would better take to maximize your profits and stay ahead of the pack. Why would you even want to look elsewhere for your web hosting needs?

HOW TO LEVERAGE OUR SERVICES To Buy a Dedicated server with Bitcoin

Follow the steps below to leverage our services:

LEVERAGE OUR SERVICES and buy dedicated server with bitcoin

Step I: Call our staff

It all starts by calling our staff. You may do that by dialing the number +880-01915-111799 or paying a visit to our site www.wphostsell.com to fill out the web form. Upon receiving your inquiry, a member of our staff will schedule an appointment with you. In that appointment, we shall let you know when and where you may have to pay a physical visit.

We do have a policy in place to respond to incoming customer inquiries within the shortest realistic time possible. As such, we do not subject you to the long waits and inconveniences that are characteristic of other firms that compete with us.

Step II: Attend to buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin

Next, you will have to attend the appointment altogether. Your attendance at the appointment gives you the ability to state ‘your side of the story.’ At that time,  you let us know just what you expect from the particular service or time you intend to make do with our services. We also advise you appropriately and even agree on a budget.

Step III: Agree on the terms of references

After we have agreed on everything that pertains to the service you want to leverage, we shall jot them down in the form of writing and have you sign as a way of agreeing to it. Before you append your signature, you will have the leeway to voice your concerns or make any further negotiations that may be necessary to arrive at a fairer result.

Step IV: Make a down payment

You shall then proceed to make a down payment. In most cases, this has to be 10% of the total amount of money we shall have agreed upon. You will be able to buy domain and hosting with bitcoin in the United States thanks to our ability and freedom to accept the same. Though strongly discouraged, you may still use the traditional modes of payment if you so wish.

Step V: Upload your site

Finish the exercise by uploading your site to our servers. Our team of well-trained and specialized technicians will help you to do just that. You will then proceed to test the site in your front end to see to it whether it indeed operates or not before proceeding to call it a day. We shall take care of everything else thereafter for you!


It is never advisable for you to drag your feet unnecessarily in your attempt to leverage the services we provide. That is due to the many fringe benefits that eagerly await anyone who chooses to host his site via our platform or infrastructure. When do you plan to set out to buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin from us?

Is it not awesome for you also to share this news far and wide? You will help many others to make the right decisions on their own. Call us right away via +880-01915-111799 to receive the help and support you need to start. We will be glad to help you out…

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